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1/31/13 8:38 A

Gabriel Cousens
David Wolf
Jordin Ruben

all of the above where not found in my libaray e-books. Thanks anwways!

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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/30/13 1:22 P

anything by Gabriel Cousens. I may look at David Wolfe even though he is not one of my favorites. See if you can find anything by Jordin Ruben.

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1/30/13 10:57 A

wow got both at my libray in ebook formate!!!! oh man cant wait to dig in and read them! Thanks for the help!

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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 16,487
1/30/13 10:39 A

Tosca Reno has many good books on clean eating.

I like her books because they are in magazine format. It makes them easier to read. Nutrition books can be so boring

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1/30/13 10:37 A

In Defence of Food- Michael Pollan

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1/30/13 10:35 A

I am looking for a new book to read about clean eating from my library. What are some good books that have helped you with eating clean whole grains, low fat dairy, fruits/veggies and lean protiens????
Thanks for any suggestions!!

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