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11/13/13 1:17 P

Totally on board with you all here. I read Michael Pollan's book "The Omnivore's Dilemma", and it rocked my world. I'm not perfect but it does encourage me to do more cooking on my own, and when my budget allows to be more picky about where my ingredients come from.

MAGGIE1944 Posts: 54
10/14/13 10:27 A

Hi! I am a newbie here. Whenever I can I like to cook from whole, fresh foods. I am very interested in ideas for doing that. Thanks for being here, and sharing what you know, and your experience.

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10/11/13 11:44 P

I cook nearly everything I eat from scratch (I buy the occasional protein bar, box of cereal, etc.) but typically every single lunch and dinner are home-cooked. I find Spark Recipe's Recipe Calculator to be extremely useful and pretty much the only tool I need. There are millions of recipes on the internet; it's easy and fun to explore far beyond what Spark suggests.

SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
10/8/13 10:57 A

THANKS for the link APDANIEL as I am really interested to find out about clean eating

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9/7/13 1:50 A

oats, home made granola, Fratta, omelets.
Everything from scratch

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9/6/13 4:36 P

Hi everyone!

I focus on clean eating and post the recipes I use on my blog at .
I like to use all natural ingredients and avoid packaged foods, processed foods, artificial colors/additives, and preservatives. It's not as hard as it seems!

I've got a lot of great recipes to try, and I also like going to the blog for more recipe inspiration.

Good luck on your journeys! You can do it! :)

GRACILU Posts: 466
8/29/13 10:33 A

I would like to know more about clean eating.

8/27/13 1:02 P

Hi! Thanks for your feedback. At SparkRecipes and SparkPeople, we aim to strike a balance when it comes to cooking and eating. For some people, cooking completely from scratch is an option; others lack the time or know-how to cook for themselves. We provide a variety of recipes that aim to appeal to our entire community. Our recipe makeover function allows any member to alter any dish to suit his or her dietary or financial needs or preferences. We also offer tips that allow members to either cook certain ingredients from scratch or take help from the supermarket. We do encourage members to eat whole, unprocessed foods whenever possible, but we also provide quick-fix recipes that save time and money.

8/27/13 12:44 P

Hi Sparkers,

For the last year or two I have been investigating the "clean eating" phenomenon; over the last 9 months, I have been incorporating more and more whole/single ingredient foods and less and less processed/pre-packaged foods. I noticed that SparkPeople really doesn't support the idea of clean eating, since a lot of the chef Meg recipes call for, without being rude, somewhat unhealthy ingredients. I have seen processed/refined sugars, processed/refined salt, and pre-packaged/processed ingredients to name a few. I would like for the SparkPeople community to research the benefits of clean eating, and how it can be utilized to increase the savings on groceries. I know it does, since I spend only a little over half the amount on *ingredients* than I do on pre-packaged/processed foods.

We can do this Sparkers!


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