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WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 949
12/31/13 9:02 P

I lived out of a hotel for 3 months once while on assignment in New Mexico. A few things I did that really helped me out (I was able to go home on weekends).

1. I took my magic bullet blender, yogurt and frozen fruit. I would make smoothies for breakfast, and it was super easy to clean in my little hotel sink.

2. I would hard boil a half dozen eggs and cart them along with me to store in the mini-fridge. I would use for egg salad, or regular salads.

3. Lots of salads. I experimented with greens I was not familiar with and that really opened up possibilities, outside of the standard spinach or romaine.

4. Microwave rice cups that have the brown and wild rice. I would put it in the salads I would make, or as a side for other foods.

5. Pre-cooked chicken breasts. I would cook 5, then individually wrap and freeze them. I could them reheat them in the microwave, or use cold.

6. Counter ready fruits and vegetables- Avocados, bananas, and bell peppers, usually. No cooking required, and I could add them to wraps, sandwiches or tacos.

I don't know if that will help at all, but that worked really well for me and kept me from having to eat Subway every day, 3 times a day, and I was able to stay away from microwave dinners with this plan, too.

Good luck!

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12/31/13 5:23 P

You can get a counter-top griddle. Here's one from Amazon with pretty good reviews for only $30.

That and a small crockpot for soups, sauces and/or pasta (it takes longer, but it does cook) should help a lot.

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12/31/13 3:02 P

I would get a microwave steamer bowl for veggies and a mini foreman grill for meats. Many grocers now sell hard-boiled eggs as well.

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12/31/13 11:49 A

Thank you all for the great tips!!

Russell, I certainly plan on taking tupperware.

Becky, as far as microwaving my meat..I'm a little picky with that. Maybe I can buy a rotisserie chicken that will last me a week. I also thought I can bring canned salmon/tuna/chicken and make chicken salad from this :) I will be using grains and beans..just trying to stay away from too much bread/pasta/other starches.

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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
12/28/13 10:29 A

You could probably get a small hot plate, and take a few pans to cook in, if the suggestions you are getting don't seem like they will be enough. I use one pan to make a lunch/dinner, meat and veggie stir fry, most days, and then just split into 2 Tupperware bowls, and heat when I eat.

Good Luck with the 7 weeks.

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12/28/13 10:21 A

Assuming you have a refrigerator---for this will make everything much easier (but you will probably have to shop often to restock).

You can microwave your meat. Take a small microwave tray (some help with browning). Take your favorite add on spices too. You can also microwave eggs. Get a good little microwave cook book and practice before you go.

You can eat fruits and veggies raw, or steam in microwave.

I assume you are not using grains or dairy or beans??

Would you be allowed to take a small rock pot? Great for meat and veggie stews; and not a fire hazard. Although the place might not want the all-day cooking smell.


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12/27/13 4:47 P

Yes...I should atleast have a mini fridge, microwave, and toaster. I dont get there til next weekend so I won't know exactly what I have but a fridge/microwave is definite

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12/27/13 4:15 P

Do you have a fridge in the room?

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12/27/13 3:40 P

I'll be living out of a hotel room for about 7 weeks and I'm not sure how to go about making sure I'm eating clean/paleo while I'm gone. I doubt I will have a room with a kitchen so I'll be depending on the microwave and will be taking my blender to make protein shakes/smoothies. Any ideas of what I can make/buy to make sure I stay on point? I will have free access to a gym and will be taking full advantage of that.

Thanks in advance!!!

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