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PICKLES7904 Posts: 12
5/1/13 8:33 A

That's a great idea!! Yes, I already looked online and there are a few beers that I can drink that have 60-90 calories versus the high hundreds. Someone had posted to my question yesterday and gave me a website with all beers and the calorie/carb info on each one. Is a great website! Thanks for your response!! :)

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4/30/13 5:15 P

Who says you have to drink a beer every time you stop on that beer walk? Alternate water with beer. When you do drink a beer, choose a lite beer and nurse it. Do some internet research ahead of time on the caloric values of different beers. Make a plan and stick to it. But most of all ... have fun!

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4/30/13 5:07 P

First and foremost, it takes more than a single day of overindulgence to "gain all kinds of weight." Overindulging, even in alcohol, is not going to cause you to gain weight long term. You may retain water, feel gross and bloated, but unless you're drinking thousands upon thousands of calories, you'll be fine later.

Although I will say this sounds like a perfectly disgusting idea, and I'd never do it. blech. I hate beer, and alcohol in general these days. Unappetizing. To each his own though. ;)

PICKLES7904 Posts: 12
4/30/13 2:01 P

Thanks so much for that website! It's very helpful and I found "the beer" that I plan on drinking during the day! lol Thanks again...hopefully I wont blow my diet with this! I only live about 5 blocks from where they are having it so I will definately be walking home that night :)

KITTY_SOZE Posts: 79
4/30/13 1:44 P

I found this handy comparison chart that might help: . They also have a chart for domestic beers - have a good time and be safe!

PICKLES7904 Posts: 12
4/30/13 12:04 P

I am not typically a beer drinker. I drink usually a glass of wine a night or every other night with dinner. I am going on a beer walk this weekend from 3pm to midnight and was wondering what would be the best low calorie beer to drink so that I do not undo all my healthy choices for the week and gain all kinds of weight from one day? I heard of Michelob lights that are flavors but am not sure that most bars carry those? Can someone that likes beer help me out?

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