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8/22/13 7:28 A

not today

8/12/13 12:17 P

not today, went yesterday. my church has 5 o'clock pm mass now, I love going at that time.

TIMEHASCOME56 SparkPoints: (80,351)
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8/12/13 7:33 A


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8/11/13 7:07 P

Yes I did and man was it a great sermon! One of the lines that stuck with me is "if you're not failing, you're not trying". The context was a business that actually looks at number of failures employees make when assessing performance - not as a negative, but as a positive. The thought being, someone who is making efforts to innovate will have failures. Those employees in that job who had no failures weren't putting forth effort to innovate. I thought about this in the context of my get healthy journey. When I am wildly off plan (not tracking, not exercising, not checking in or being at all mindful of what I eat), I don't at that time think of myself as "failing" - really, in terms of getting healthy, I'm not thinking of myself at all during those times. But when I'm making an effort to eat well and get more movement into my day, when I'm making an effort to be accountable, then I recognize when I "fail" by exceeding my calorie range or not getting fresh foods or exercise in. And when I'm actively recognizing my "fail" I'm also actively seeking to correct it as soon as the next meal.

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8/11/13 5:14 P


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8/11/13 5:00 P


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8/11/13 4:58 P

yes :-)

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8/11/13 4:25 P


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8/11/13 4:22 P


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8/11/13 9:44 A


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8/11/13 7:04 A


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8/11/13 7:03 A

Yes, every Sunday.

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8/11/13 7:03 A

Are you?

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