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BILL60 Posts: 899,042
4/1/13 6:15 A

Welcome to SP.

4/1/13 6:05 A


To the spark...

Wishing you every success with your spark journey...


ALLEYCATTUS SparkPoints: (31,873)
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4/1/13 5:14 A

emoticon to SP!
It is a great place to get help, motivation and lots to do and learn! I know that you will like it here!
Good luck on your journey!
'Kat emoticon emoticon emoticon

DEEZU76 Posts: 35
4/1/13 4:02 A


If you want someone to check in with to help keep you accountable and motivated I am happy to help. Just add me via my spark page and we can work together towards our weight loss goals. I have another member helping me and checking in on me and it really makes a difference.


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4/1/13 2:29 A

If you are having trouble with your workouts then I personally would suggest various forms of yoga, hot yoga, and Bikram. I have maintained my body weight with these for over two years now. Plus, the injury healing of the hot forms of yoga have been incredible for me.

Once you are able to fully exercise again then just start a program that is right for you for the weight loss and toning. I used P90X when I started back in 2010 and lost 60 pounds in just over 3 months. Those are intensive workouts and you must maintain a good diet.

Good luck to you. Remember this is a life-style change and not a short term starvation or other type of diet system.

LKEITHO SparkPoints: (519,134)
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3/31/13 9:45 P

Welcome to SparkPeople! You'll find lots of support, information and inspiration here. All the best on achieving your goals!

BILL60 Posts: 899,042
3/31/13 12:50 P

Welcome to SP.

MISSG180 SparkPoints: (167,230)
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3/31/13 9:57 A

Welcome! Spark People is a great support, but you do have to be ready to take advantage of it. I hope your journey back to health is very successful!

MELLIGIRL2012 SparkPoints: (149)
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3/31/13 8:19 A

Hi TWilliams82,

I am new too, hopefully this time will be better for you. How is your foot surgery going, are you able to walk? I wonder if yoga videos would be good for you, since they are low impact.

I've love carbs too, I could live on bread. I'm trying very hard to focus on whole grains instead. It's not the same, lol.

Good luck and stay on your journey!

TWILLIAMS82 SparkPoints: (3,985)
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3/31/13 7:14 A

Hello everyone!
This is my second time turning to SparkPeople for support in my weightloss journey. I tried in 2011, but I think it was the wrong time for me. This time around I feel more positive and motivated.
I am a 43 year old Mom of two older kids (17 and 19) and I work as an Officer with the Army Cadet program here in Canada, One of the aims of the program is physical fitness, and at 5 ft 6 and 176 lbs I'm not being much of a role model. Foot surgery in October derailed me badly, and I'm heavier now than I've ever been (except during pregnancy.) I'm far too fond of carbs and beer, and not fond enough of vegetables, but I'm trying. My goal is to get my weight under control (140 is my goal weight) and be fit enough to get into backpacking again and set a good example to the teens I work with. I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you. :0)

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