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5/4/13 5:05 P

Do you mind sharing what is causing your pain?

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5/4/13 2:19 P

Start slow and work your way into whatever you are doing. The endorphins will counter any pain you may have and that will be maintained for most of the day after you workout. I use my exercise to get rid of my pain. The stretching is excellent. You need to find a low impact aerobic or cardio exercise you get the adrenaline and the heart rate to feel the natural high!

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5/4/13 2:00 P

I agree with the previous poster that it depends on where you're having pain, what's causing it, etc. SparkPeople does have some new pain management content coming out soon, but I'd also recommend talking to your doctor about what exercises are safe and what you should avoid given your medical condition.

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5/4/13 10:35 A

That would depend entirely on "where is the chronic pain?" ............ for instance I have plantar fasciitis in both feet and both Dr. and therapist have advised me to do 'non-wtbearing exercise' ........... so I opt for other ways to get a good workout in ...............
Some conditions actually BENEFIT from exercise such as fibromyalgia ......... (don't stress your hurting body but movement is good) .......... Does that help?

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5/4/13 9:54 A

What are some tips for exercising with chronic pain? How to stay motivated? How to know your limits without limiting your capabilities?

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