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Christmas dinner, what r u making?

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Posts: 48,328
12/4/12 6:58 A

have no idea at this time

Posts: 1,142
12/4/12 6:54 A

Going to the in-laws, so I just make the salad and something else green --- usually an asparagus medley with mushrooms and redd peppers........The family relies on me to bring the healthy food choices.....

SparkPoints: (48,875)
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Posts: 2,258
12/4/12 6:47 A

Egg and Chips

SparkPoints: (97,005)
Fitness Minutes: (64,721)
Posts: 17,367
12/4/12 3:39 A

not sure but so far I have a gammon

Posts: 1,782
12/3/12 11:26 P

No idea yet, but possibly a large roast since my family likes Yorkshire pudding at Christmas.

Posts: 5,814
12/3/12 10:20 P

We are vegetarian and my daughter's favourite what has become traditional christmas meal is a veg lasagne made with ricotta instead of white sauce. There will be others bringing but that is what I will be making. I will probably also make a christmas pudding ice cream (it is hot at Christmas where we live).

SparkPoints: (77,995)
Fitness Minutes: (22,787)
Posts: 4,182
12/3/12 8:34 P

Not sure yet, but probably turkey since I didn't cook for Thanksgiving, and I LOVE turkey.

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SparkPoints: (206,244)
Fitness Minutes: (212,069)
Posts: 3,775
12/3/12 8:24 P

I think we have decided that beef will be the big event this year, plus all the regular sides. emoticon

SparkPoints: (4,151)
Fitness Minutes: (2,126)
Posts: 849
12/3/12 8:22 P

turkey, roast beef, mashed potatoes, asst vegetables, gravy, pies, cookies, cake and bread.

Posts: 13,230
12/3/12 8:11 P

bought a precooked turkey today because it was on sale cheaper than the uncooked ones of the same size. will also be baking a ham.

Posts: 13,615
12/3/12 7:35 P

Leg of lamb, mashed potatoes and cheesecake

Posts: 2,000
12/3/12 7:29 P

My mother-in-law makes Christmas dinner but we are bringing sweet potato casserole (the super health, super yummy recipe we used for Thanksgiving) and some healthy desserts as well.

Posts: 3,340
12/3/12 7:06 P

I usually do a roast beef but not sure if it will be the same this year. Maybe I'll try something new - beef wellington or lamb chops or something

SparkPoints: (73,944)
Fitness Minutes: (5,221)
Posts: 9,513
12/3/12 3:55 P

Turkey, artichoke dip (in bread bowl), cranberry, pies, green bean casserole...

Posts: 8,023
12/3/12 2:44 P

On Christmas Eve, I am making this...

and Wisconson style cheddar soup with bacon, my own recipe...
and we'll be having some bakery breads with that. During the day, we'll munch on veggies. Lots of veggies.

On Christmas Day, the plan is to have surf (shrimp, crab stuff) and steak, with salad or asparagus, and baked potato for dinner. During the day, leftover soup/chowder, veggies, deviled eggs, and bacon-wrapped, blue cheese stuffed dates. I'll probably make either pancakes, cinnamon rolls, or pumpkin muffins for breakfast.

Posts: 6,322
12/3/12 1:49 P

i am not cooking Christmas dinner but will have a Christmas breakfast with my family before we leave.

SparkPoints: (59,026)
Fitness Minutes: (27,023)
Posts: 653
12/3/12 1:39 P

I'm not cooking Christmas dinner, but do need to start planning our "second Christmas dinner". My sister is visiting the week after Christmas, so we will have another full family meal while she is in town.

Posts: 591
12/3/12 1:28 P

Cornish Hens, dressing, collard greens, sweet potatos, mac n cheese, and my husband asked for a apple cobbler. I only make them twice a year. emoticon emoticon

Posts: 5,070
12/3/12 1:18 P

Depends if I can get invited somewhere. If not, then the same thing I did for thanksgiving-- nothing. Just moved to a new state and because of work, will not be able to get to family. Maybe I will pull out a piece of steak or just have a salad. Christmas isn't about the food anyway. it's about JC.

SparkPoints: (99,458)
Fitness Minutes: (63,841)
Posts: 4,277
12/3/12 12:54 P

Shrimp salad, turkey, stuffing, gravy, brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes & misc vegetables - all family traditional recipes. We used to have plum pudding with lemon sauce for dessert, but since my Mom died, no one knows how to make the pudding! Now my sister makes trifle for dessert.

SparkPoints: (100,338)
Fitness Minutes: (76,540)
Posts: 2,953
12/3/12 12:29 P

Turkey on the BIG GREEN EGG (kind of like a Japenese Kiln)

SparkPoints: (76,906)
Fitness Minutes: (17,391)
Posts: 2,116
12/3/12 12:10 P

We are going to do all individual serving foods - found a bunch of recipes that are done in muffin tins so that we can formally plate the dinner and not have a bunch of leftovers.

Posts: 3,026
12/3/12 10:24 A

No, We go to my Aunt and Uncles House with the whole family and have since I was a little girl. But I do Breakfast for my children and grandchildren.

Posts: 1,174
12/3/12 8:47 A

Main dishes: chicken, pot roast, and tuna noodle casserole.

Posts: 3,349
12/3/12 8:17 A

turkey and all the trimmings

Posts: 1,003
12/3/12 8:05 A

Reservations !

Posts: 1,205
12/3/12 8:03 A

Yum, This all sounds good! It will either be cassarols or soups. I am bringing over lots of fruit and bread since all the rich food gives me a tummyache!

Posts: 1,009
12/3/12 7:39 A

The kids are coming so they get ham and I get chicken and they want green bean casserole and rolls and pumpkin pie and stuffing and cranberry salad, and cool whip, I don't eat the same things they do, but thats what we are moslty having.

SparkPoints: (83,776)
Fitness Minutes: (26,338)
Posts: 4,926
12/3/12 7:38 A

My kids want ham..not sure if it will be a ham or turkey yet..then mashed potatoes,green beans and cole slaw and a cherry crumb pie

Posts: 2,490
12/3/12 7:28 A

Fettucini with brocolli and sliced mushrooms added.
Garlic Bread
Fruit Salad
Chocolate Cream Pie
Coconut Cream Pie

Posts: 418
12/3/12 7:15 A

Lasagna, one with sausage and one with spinach.

Creamed corn

Bread sticks


For dessert DH is making a peanut butter pie and I am making a red velvet roll cake.

Posts: 2,667
12/3/12 7:09 A

not sure yet. If we're not invited out; then likely something light.
Last year we were invited to another couple's place for the meal.

SparkPoints: (21,517)
Fitness Minutes: (7,875)
Posts: 581
12/3/12 7:08 A

I'm making buffalo chicken meatballs, a sausage and cheese Christmas tree, a snowman cheese ball, and sugar cookie dip with pretzels for appetizers; for dinner, I'm making ham, potatoes bacon & cheese, macaroni and cheese, glazed carrots, sweet potato casserole, and homemade biscuits.

Posts: 5,906
12/3/12 6:52 A

My husband and I get Chinese carry out and go to a friend's house who is single without family. We eat, open gifts and watch a movie!

SparkPoints: (63,838)
Fitness Minutes: (45,388)
Posts: 2,757
12/3/12 6:44 A

Ham and a lovely salad.

SparkPoints: (28,504)
Fitness Minutes: (10,967)
Posts: 1,778
12/3/12 6:41 A

Standing rib roast & a few sides

SparkPoints: (211,042)
Fitness Minutes: (87,276)
Posts: 11,560
12/3/12 6:40 A

We are tried of turkey, I haven't decided what to make yet.

Posts: 5,853
12/2/12 10:26 P

Another turkey will be made along with roast beef (my brother in law has a turkey allergy) , I go the extra mile for my BIL because I couldn't imagine him watching everyone else eat and him just eating side dishes.
He always thanks me cause he knows I do make the roast beef special for him and he always tells me how much he appreciates it and enjoys it.
We'll have lots of veggies, stuffing and mashed potatoes (I even keep some stuffing out of the bird so he can enjoy some).
What will you be making?

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