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BERKANA_T Posts: 138
12/3/12 11:33 A


We usually don't put the tree up until the 15th of December, and then decorate in time for Yule.

GINGEROFTARTH SparkPoints: (4,862)
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12/3/12 11:23 A

Yep! Put the tree up on Saturday


SPERRIN2012 SparkPoints: (156,625)
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12/3/12 11:17 A

Not yet.

WENWASHING67 Posts: 356
12/3/12 10:48 A

Yep. Just did it this past weekend and it looks wonderful!

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12/3/12 10:44 A


-VIXEN- SparkPoints: (22,245)
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12/3/12 10:35 A

They are up and they are lovely to behold. :)

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12/3/12 10:22 A

Tree up & porch lights up.........

128PERFECT Posts: 3,026
12/3/12 10:21 A


ARUSHING2 SparkPoints: (26,830)
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12/3/12 9:49 A

Yes - that process starts BLACK Friday weekend.

12/3/12 9:43 A

oh yes

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12/3/12 9:38 A

Yep! I put my tree up and started decorating 3 weeks ago...LOL


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JLLOVETT SparkPoints: (13,205)
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12/3/12 9:28 A

No, waiting on the finishing of my new hardwood floors, they should finish today!!! Other than that, I'm all set to go!

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12/3/12 9:18 A


ADIOSALL Posts: 5,197
12/3/12 9:02 A

I've already decorated the inside of the house. Would like to decorate the outside this week, but have to go shopping first. Presents are almost bought and wrapped; will finish up today. I'm also baking Christmas cookies today using SparkRecipes.

REDQT2 SparkPoints: (33,491)
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12/3/12 8:56 A

We haven't even started! We have to use them to decorate for a party this week so we'll be getting them up on Friday.

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BIGDOG1969 SparkPoints: (26,713)
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12/3/12 8:50 A

99% done. We'll be finished early this week.

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12/3/12 8:48 A

Tree went up yesterday, stockings are hung, lights are outside. It was warm this weekend so we got a lot done.

MILTONS1 Posts: 3,572
12/3/12 8:14 A

a couple

EOWYN2424 Posts: 6,426
12/3/12 8:12 A

I hung my Christmas stocking on my doorknob in October! Lol!

ERICREH Posts: 3,270
12/3/12 8:09 A

Outside lights are done, inside tree is not.

BLUBEL1 Posts: 1,003
12/3/12 8:06 A

Oh Yeah !
Love to put them up but hate to take them down.

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STEELER71 Posts: 7,620
12/3/12 8:01 A

We will be gone for Christmas so no decorations this year

SKINNYMISSKASEY SparkPoints: (114,114)
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12/3/12 8:00 A


AMARISRON Posts: 1,205
12/3/12 8:00 A

Everything but the tree, we get that next weekend!

12/3/12 7:59 A

Not yet. It's on my list for today.

Our family tradition is No Christmas Decorations Until We Are IN The Month Of December!

I was planning to get to it this weekend, but too many other things got bumped up on the to-do list.

DLDROST Posts: 8,082
12/3/12 7:52 A


12/3/12 7:48 A

I started putting up Christmas decorations a few days before Thanksgiving and by that weekend everything, including the tree, was done. The holiday season is my favorite time of the year. I made 15 pounds of fruitcake (my MIL's recipe, it's great!) over the weekend, have most of my shopping done and have started the wrapping, starting to stuff the grandchildren's stockings too, and getting some deep housecleaning done. Will start cards this week. Planning the food for our two family dinners here, and I want to fill tins with several kinds of home baked cookies, fudge, etc. for family as well. All the while listening to Christmas music...fa la la la la, la la, la la. emoticon

WENDYLEE15 SparkPoints: (83,776)
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Posts: 4,926
12/3/12 7:42 A

Yep..tree up and front porch decorated =] !!

DAKOTA4411 Posts: 1,009
12/3/12 7:39 A


GROEDER SparkPoints: (210,925)
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12/3/12 7:27 A


ALPOPLUP Posts: 5,996
12/3/12 7:16 A


CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
12/3/12 7:11 A

since we have no family coming to enjoy it; we aren't decorating

KELLITWINS SparkPoints: (21,517)
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Posts: 581
12/3/12 7:04 A

Yes, my entire house is decorated, inside and out!

CORKYTHEMOM1 SparkPoints: (125,806)
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Posts: 17,280
12/3/12 7:03 A


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NISSANGIRL Posts: 20,890
12/3/12 7:02 A


NEEKEPOO Posts: 682
12/3/12 6:51 A


Today I will make progress one step at a time.
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TRYINGTOLOSE64 Posts: 65,836
12/3/12 6:50 A

not yet but will

WELLNESSME09 Posts: 7,634
12/3/12 6:36 A


Ane Marie
Hamilton On.Canada Est

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KKKAREN SparkPoints: (228,141)
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12/3/12 6:36 A

I don't decorate for christmas

PT.JEFFGIRL SparkPoints: (154,313)
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12/3/12 5:12 A

Only a couple.

UPBEAT551 SparkPoints: (28,463)
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12/3/12 5:11 A

I don't put too many up, and I wait until later.

THROOPER62 Posts: 20,673
12/3/12 5:08 A

Online Now  • ))
Yes, put up the Christmas decorations this past weekend

DIANET2 Posts: 8,126
12/3/12 4:56 A


Diane from Vermont

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12/3/12 1:26 A

This week

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JULIE700 Posts: 699
12/3/12 1:08 A

I don't think I am going to put decorations up this year. It isn't because I'm not in the spirit either. I had my kitchen remodeled this year and I just got my house back into working order. I just don't want to move things around again to put the tree up!

PEPPYPATTI Posts: 37,501
12/3/12 12:12 A

Mostly but it is an ongoing process-lol!

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12/3/12 12:11 A

Not yet.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 16,947
12/2/12 11:46 P

House is all decorated inside.

The fresh Fraser fir is up, and I put the lights on tonight. Tomorrow - the ornaments!

I still need to light up the bushes outside.

I have a party for 25 Saturday night. I need it all done before Tuesday so I can concentrate on the cleaning and cooking!

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12/2/12 11:01 P

Not until Christmas Eve

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FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,861
12/2/12 10:59 P

I was quick on the draw for Halloween, but not for Christmas ... no spirit this season, but will try to get them up next week if at all possible

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