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8/13/13 1:23 P

Congrats on it working so far!! But one question; if you like Chris' style, then why do you not continue to use his recipes? Or are you just looking for more to add on to it?

Most anything you can google "clean eating xyz recipes" and you should be able to find something that satisfies what you are looking for!

Definitely no problems here with swapping the afternoon for an evening snack; depending on my work schedule, I eat dinner anywhere between 5 and 7pm and go to bed around midnight. That's quite a while to go without eating and then another 8 hours of sleeping on top of it, so I always plan a light snack to get me through.

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8/13/13 11:34 A

Started this 3 weeks ago and it's really working! My lifelong problem with transformation is in part my onset of boredom or disgust (to the point of serious aversion as happens with egg whites some times) with eating the same foods all the time. I'm not immensely creative with spices. I understand the allowances of protein, carbs/no carbs, no fats/fats, well and I can swap out chicken and beef etc but I like things to be more interesting than a turkey burger with a salad/veggie or chicken breast grilled with brown rice pasta. Has anyone made a list or found a list that follows Chris Powell's style exactly or very closely?
I know WW books, Hungry Girl, Cooking Light etc all have good recipes but sometimes adapting them is a long process and I honestly find Chris's book recipes to taste better and thus keep me more satisfied than most any.

Last but not least - I've considered swapping my afternoon snack to an evening snack so that I can have "dessert" in the shape of a chocolate protein shake etc or have others found ways to deal with this once in a while? I'm scared if I don't find a solution - like choc froz yogurt or a non sugar fudgsicle (40 cals) once in a while, I will go to the groc and get something bigger and more caloric?! I don't need/want sweets 5-7 nights a week but occasionally I do and that desire is not quenched by a TB of PB as I am not a fan AND it is super caloric....

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