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8/11/13 11:46 P

Grrrr. Vroom-vroom. I'm a-gittin'.

(I'm excited about this.)

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8/11/13 10:37 P

Sounds like good advice for figuring out the weight to start with for machines. Get in there and give it a try.

8/11/13 7:55 P

Thank you, ladies. I had not yet begun to fight, but I'm ready now.

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8/11/13 7:21 P

Yes, the issue here is how much you load the muscle up. From the muscle's perspective, it doesn't matter how you achieve this, whether through free weights, body weight, machines, etc.


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8/11/13 4:30 P

Sorry- haha :) Yes, you are correct.

Coach Jen

8/11/13 3:36 P

Wait, wait! Coach Jen, that wasn't feedback anywhere as much as sincere, over-cautious, sweetly naive questions on the topic.
Please come back!

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8/11/13 3:33 P

Thanks for the feedback! I'll pass it along.

Coach Jen

8/11/13 3:28 P

The illustration with Coach Nicole's article on choosing the proper weight (60-70% of "one rep max")

shows only hand weights and bench. For this novice's peace of mind and safety, please confirm that the text applies to weight machines as well. And that it may very well be appropriate to set each machine at a different resistance after experimentation/testing oneself on each, yes?

Thank you.

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