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2/10/13 9:24 A

One of the things I love about SparkPeople, is that it makes it easy for us to track something like cholesterol in our diet. You can set your Nutrition Tracker to show you how much cholesterol you get every day. It won't show up on the "regular" page, but all you have to do is click the Report for the day, and there it will be. So really you can monitor calories and cholesterol, at the same time.

I usually fill in my Tracker first thing in the morning, for what I plan to eat that day. And then depending on how the numbers come out, swap things around to try to balance it all out. Often I'll leave 100 -200 calories "free" for an extra snack or treat, just in case.

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I had really high cholesterol for a very long time, even tho' I always ate a really healthy diet AND was on meds for it. I was also borderline pre-diabetic. My cholesterol normalized complete only once I had lost a considerable amount of weight. I didn't change WHAT I ate, just how much.

Below is a link to the Mayo Clinic's Heart Healthy Recipes - there are tons in there and they cover all occasions :-)

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Both are important. "Skinny" people can have heart problems, just like everyone else.

Cholesterol that isn't produced by our bodies, as I understand, comes from animal products. Try to integrate more plant based foods into your diet. That could lower your cholesterol some.

2/9/13 4:16 P

One can easily lead to the other---and you will see benefit to both.
Use a heart healthy diet to lose weight, along with exercise. (the dietitian can help with this)
Weight loss most often improves one's lipid profile numbers as well.

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I'd say in your case, they're both important. YOu can't have one without the other. :)

Here's a couple of articles here on SP that may help:

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2/9/13 3:22 P

I started the begining of the year counting calories. 1 yearly physical and 2 blood draws later - doc says I have high cholesterol. Should I be more concerned about my caloric intake or my cholesterol intake? Obviously I am trying to watch both, but it's hard! At the begining of the year being 5'2 and 162 I was pushing the line towards "Obese" - and I'm thinking that getting back into a healthy weight is *most* important because the excess weight contributes a lot to the health problems....right?

I see a dietician in 2 weeks but any input you guys have would be great!

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