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HEALTHNUT2009 Posts: 907
3/9/12 6:26 P

Thanks Becky

I am taking copper and iron supplement suggested by my herbalist --

she claims that will help drop my cholosteral very quickly --

i am holding off getting blood work done .. actually - scared no - more like terrified to get it done ... hoping my cholosteral and glucose levels drop down since December.. -

started uping my exercise did my 5 minutes on my elliptical this morning -- will do more this evening - and I walked 2,000 steps today :) woohoo for me --

so every little bit helps -- so i am told --

thank you for your comment - much appreciated.

3/9/12 5:57 P

Your pharmacist will be happy to provide you with the side effects of every medication you are taking. The pharmacy can also provide you with drug-drug interactions and drug-nutrient interactions.

Of every condition you have mentioned in this post, achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight can bring about a decrease in the amount of medication needed. Often times, one can go off some medications completely. This would be determined by testing and discussions with one's doctor.

Dietitian Becky

HEALTHNUT2009 Posts: 907
3/9/12 2:38 P

My question is about cholosteral lowering drugs --

Perhaps not a good plan, if a person has a fatty liver (not from alcohol but from of course 'fat")...

I read some contradictory information - on statins can be hard on a liver.. oh really

then what on earth are the high blood pressure pills doing to a fatty liver for 7 years?

I'd like to know ...

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