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1/11/12 11:41 A

Sugar free Swiss Miss cocoa mix with a small candy cane melted in it (great way to gt rid of the post holiday candy too). Takes time to drink and great for the cold weather too! Gotta figure out my summer plans tho!!

COOLEYFAM Posts: 174
1/11/12 11:25 A

Brookside dark chocolate covered berries, there are blueberry acai pomegranate and more!

1/11/12 11:16 A

Thanks for all the tips guys!
I've bought some low fat hot chocolate to see if that'll fix my urges and if not I'll just have one square if things get desperate.

To be honest if I was back at uni I think I'd be able to just not have any because I don't keep any in my room, but for the next few weeks I'm back at home. The main problem there is my brother and dad are those annoying types who can eat whatever and stay fit and they eat about 2 to 3 chocolate bars a day. No joke. So my house is literally brimming with the stuff.

Thanks for all the advice though and I will certainly be trying these out!

MYOWNHERO Posts: 1,157
1/11/12 11:10 A

My favorite chocolate lover's smoothie:

frozen spinach
skim milk
extra protein powder
cocoa powder
a dash of splenda

Whir it up in a blender. Add ice cubes. Yummy chocolate!

GOODWITCH333 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/11/12 11:07 A

When you HAVE to have chocolate, have it. Make sure its dark, pop one small piece in your mouth, lie down on the floor and let it melt in your mouth. I never chew chocolate. Letting it melt makes it creamy feeling and it takes time, so your mind is AWARE that you've just given it a treat. Its not the same as scarfing down an Oh Henry and two Eatmores in five minutes ( thank goodness I'm finally growing up!)

UGAKATE85 Posts: 2,630
1/11/12 10:55 A

I've read that for you to get the antioxidant benefits from dark chocolate, it has to be at least 70% cacao levels. I've found that it's an acquired taste that doesn't lead to quite the binges that milk chocolate does! Plus if the high cacao levels are a bit much, you can find them with mint too, which takes the edge off the bitterness!

FLAMINGKITTEN SparkPoints: (4,042)
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1/11/12 10:00 A

I only buy the large dark chocolate bars on sale (so it is kinda random as to when I get to treat myself with chocolate) break off the 1-3 squares and nibble them and when I'm done savoring I find something dirty to do. I go wash dishes, take out the trash, walk the dog, weed the garden, dust the desk, etc. Because they aren't individually wrapped I can't eat it out of the wrapper and then the "just one more piece" turns into a big effort because I would have to go back to the house, scrape all the dirt from under my nails, or scrub off all that dust feeling, and it becomes more trouble than its worth!

MOTTSIE Posts: 188
1/11/12 9:02 A

I love chocolate too! For desserts, I may have 3/4 cup of cocoa puffs cereal (gives me chocolate & crunch) or a snack size pkg of M&M (if the craving is extreme).

A post workout beverage is 1 cup of skim milk w a teaspoon of ovaltine (ovaltine has more vitamins than plain syrup).

I have tried to ignore chocolate cravings, but that always backfired. eat a small portion when you want so you dont polish off the bag after depriving yourself for a week.


1/11/12 7:55 A

Hello, my name is Sherry and I am a chocoholic! :) If I have chocolate in the house, then it will get eaten. I try to manage it by allowing it on my diet. I love the Dove dark chocolates.

If it is too much to have it in the house, then get it out at least for now. emoticon

KKJOHN3 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/11/12 7:32 A

i like the sugar free chocolate pudding. It doesn't taste sugar free, and it's only 60 calories for a cup!

LPERKINS75 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/11/12 6:26 A

Oh, also the 100cal packs of snacks are a great way to get the chocolate in without going overboard. Gotta love pre-portioned snacks. :)

MISSILENE SparkPoints: (63,957)
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1/11/12 6:13 A

It is kind of funny for me to read these posts. I am co leader for 2 lapband surgery groups. We were and some are still in the 200-ds on the scale. From what I see you gals are kind of thin. Please don't get heavy. It is not fun. In two years, after wanting to lose over 100 lbs I had to (cold turkey) give up more than you can imagine. At this time after losing 89 lbs I am so used to not having it that I really and honestly don't want it. I wish all of you the best.

AZALIA34 Posts: 672
1/10/12 10:43 P

I do get chocolate cravings. The more I eat, the more I crave. I have been really good since the New Year though - many days without sweets! When that craving gets unbearable, I also help myself to a piece or two of dark chocolate or one almond rocca.

RITAKAU2015 Posts: 60
1/10/12 10:30 P

I know that I can't eat chocolate either -- at least not in candy form. I have found the Vitalicious muffin tops are perfect for me. They come in a deep chocolate and is just enough to satisfy my craving

WISDOM73 Posts: 523
1/10/12 10:09 P

I totally relate to this topic! I am chocolate addict, I love the taste at all times. For the moment, I choose to go completely without because I am not capable of managing my cravings. I began a 30 day clean eating challenge Monday. Good luck at finding what works best for you.

DISNEYDEB1 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/10/12 10:00 P

Hello- You sound just like me. You are the same weight and wanting the same goal pretty much as me.. Good luck. !!!!!

MISHMOM SparkPoints: (10,301)
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1/10/12 9:33 P

I am a chocoholic. I figure out a way to have it in my diet. Sometimes I have a Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie for breakfast or for a dessert at night.

1/2 c 1% milk
1/2 c frozen raspberries
2 tbsp Hershey's Lite Syrup
1 scoop Protein powder (I use Body Fortress from Walmart)

275 cals, 27 carb, 5 fat, 31 pro

If I totally deny myself, that's when I go off the deep end. So I allow myself a chocolate treat everyday. Sometimes I'll eat a Zone Bar, or splurge once in awhile on one Lindt Chocolate Ball Truffle. The key is to stop at ONE. It's doable!

1/10/12 8:14 P

Eat some dark chocolate. I stock dark chocolate and eat one square daily as needed or 16 bittersweet chips. Trader Joe's has a wonderful 70% cacao Swiss chocolate bar with hazelnuts. Really satisfying!


EILCAH SparkPoints: (33,915)
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1/10/12 7:32 P

Chocolate is something I can't live without. Sparking wouldn't work for me if I had to give up chocolate. So I keep one bar of Green and Black's 85% Dark Chocolate at home and one at work. When the craving hits (and it does once or twice a week) I break off a row of 3 small blocks (about 10 gms). I savor them one at a time. And I add them to my calorie count for the day.

MISS_ROXY SparkPoints: (0)
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1/10/12 7:28 P

I too get massive chocolate cravings ! I usually grab an individually wrapped swiss chocolate 72% cacao that I get from Costco. Low in calorie, and it hits the spot.

Also, I recently discovered some great "cake in a mug" recipes. You basically get a chocolate cake ready in 5 min (in a mug; so it controls the portion!) Google that or take a look in the sparkrecipes ! Remember that you can always substitute ingredients to make it "healthier" (as healthy as a cake can be) , replace oil or butter by unsweetened applesauce , use whole wheat flour, eggs whites instead of eggs etc.

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SHIPMANK Posts: 98
1/10/12 7:21 P

From personal experience I KNOW if I have a craving, no matter WHAT it's better to have a little than wait and wait and then binge on 1/2 a bag of fun size Twix.
Sugar free skinny mochas have also helped with that chocolate craving at that time of the month too ;)

SURVIVORGRL SparkPoints: (0)
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1/10/12 7:16 P

If you are having a massive craving, then you should have one piece of dark chocolate, or maybe two. Just make sure you track it. By denying yourself something, you'll want it all the more. And if you feel deprived, you won't stick with the program.

I haven't had chocolate in 6 days, and didn't even think about it until I read this thread. I'd rather have a handful of Sweet Cajun trail mix, but I'm sure I'm going to want chocolate one day. When I do, I'll have one small piece and enjoy the heck out of it.

MZ.THICKUMS Posts: 2,556
1/10/12 6:43 P

When I get a craving for chocolate, which is during that "time of the month" and later in the evening, I'll have fun size Snickers or Kit Kats. It helps satisfy my craving without overdoing it.

PLD519 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/10/12 6:09 P

strawberries were on sale and they looked really good, i couldnt resist adding some chocolate dip to go with them. I already added it to my tracker for my snack after dinner. So I get my fruit in and a little treat too.

1/10/12 4:00 P

In Gretchen Rubin's memoir The Happiness Project, Rubin talks about how some people are moderators and some people are abstainers. People who are moderators can have a piece of chocolate every once in awhile. People who are abstainers have to go cold turkey; otherwise, abstainers will binge.

I'm beginning to believe I am an abstainer. I have been chocolate-free for two or three weeks. Yesterday, I bought some chocolate chips to add to trail mix (got the recipe from the Sparkpeople Cookbook). I had a rough evening with the kids by myself, and next thing you know, I was digging into the chocolate chips.

Three thoughts here:
1) I think it's easier for me to abstain than to moderate when it comes to chocolate
2) I cannot eat what I did not buy, so I probably shouldn't buy chocolate chips
3) I think I might need to flush the rest of the chocolate chips down the toilet

If you want to read more about the moderator/abstainer debate, check out this link to the Happiness Project:

LPERKINS75 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (10,972)
Posts: 1,316
1/10/12 3:51 P

Add a "NO CHOCOLATE" day to your "Other Goals" tracker. Start small - shoot for just one day per week. Then two. Then three. You get the idea. After a while, you will find that you are way more conscious about eating it. After a while, you will find that it gets easier and easier to turn your back to.

SP is all about learning how to have our favorites in moderation. And it takes time, time, time, time, time to get there. So don't FORBID any food. Psychologically, forbidding it WILL make you want it more. Instead, start by just delaying gratification. When the craving hits - try waiting just one half hour before you cave. Then move up to waiting an hour. Then two hours. You get the idea.

I'm to the point where I can walk away from a lot of the sweets that I used to eat. And it's not that I don't ever plan on eating them again - it's just that, and I tell myself this over and over again:

"I am not going to eat that right now."

Then I walk away from the food and try to distract myself with something non-food related. It is working (almost) all the time now. I finally don't feel controlled by my snacking anymore. I let it happen when it needs to happen, but I keeping it in moderation. Life is good that way.

But it takes TIME to get there. Your body is in shock right now with all of the changes you are making. If you go too fast, too soon - you will only be setting yourself up for disappointment. So if chocolate is your thing, just let it alone for a little while - you know, while you are working on getting to the gym and incorporating other healthier foods into your diet. Give it time.

I had the same issue with donuts. I think that it has more to do with the refined sugar than the chocolate. Seriously. Refined sugar IS addicting. And it's one heck of a habit to break too. I am not completely over it, but have certainly gotten some reins on that sugar demon that was steering my desires and ruining my health.


-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,825
1/10/12 3:39 P

Great suggestions!! i get the cravings after dinner in the evening. Even if I am super busy, I still get that craving.

MISSILENE SparkPoints: (63,957)
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1/10/12 3:27 P

I have a chocolate protein pudding at night.

1/10/12 2:59 P

mix some chocolate protein powder in with plain low fat yogurt.. or mix it in a blender with milk and ice for a milk shake! yum!

1/10/12 2:50 P

DOVE is a good chocolate as it has good healthy benefits. Go to dove web sight to see about it. We do not eat nuts due to grandbaby has tree nut algery. Dove chocolate has a new factory which uses no nuts so this is good news for us. Chose dove dark chocolate.
Dove link will remind all some candy on store shelfs are over year old so always read label each time for any algery.

I allow myself one tiny one each day so just call it your reward and eat it slow. I Prefer to

keep mine on counter in a covered dish. Seeing it reminds me of my end of day reward and

stops me from running to a cookie which is more calories and more fat.

What works for one maybe not for another .


MNJONES2 Posts: 2,038
1/10/12 2:48 P

During the fall/winter seasons I usually have a cup of cocoa in the evening. Now with tracking foods I make sure I save enough calories for it!

FITNAPTURAL SparkPoints: (77,938)
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1/10/12 2:23 P

Dark chocolate was an acquired taste for me but I love it now. Lately I've kept a few kisses in my freezer. I get by on about 2-4 a day which us under 100 calories. Don't cut it out but definitely keep it out of your line of vision. Some days I forget it's in the freezer because I don't see it. You can do it! It's not easy but you'll get better.

ALIHIKES Posts: 4,250
1/10/12 1:03 P

I have trouble with chocolate too! What helps me is to either not have it in the house, or to only purchase a type of chocolate that doesn't tempt me unless I'm desperate!! I like milk chocolate or medium dark chocolate; I can keep a bar of bittersweet chocolate around FOREVER; when I really really want some I have a tiny square and it totally cures my obsession.

TBOURLON SparkPoints: (18,835)
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Posts: 522
1/10/12 12:54 P

I have SERIOUS problems with chocolate - sometimes I can stop at 1 or 2 little pieces, but others I just go off the deep end! Thing is, I can't imagine ever giving up chocolate (must be an addict emoticon ) but I'm trying to watch what kind I endulge in. I'm trying to stick with dark chocolate as opposed to milk chocolate, which really seems to set off the cravings. Dark chocolate helps keep the cravings under control a bit. Also trying mint chocolate, something I haven't cared for in the past, hoping that a little bit will be enough. I keep a bag of Dove Dark Chocolate squares at work, and (try to) limit myself to 1 or 2 squares after lunch, then maybe another 1-2 in the afternoon. At home I like the Jello sugar-free chocolate puddings, Swiss Miss sugar-free hot chocolate, and sometimes diet ice cream - more of a summer thing, but there you are. emoticon I try to avoid brownies and chocolate chip cookies though - I can't stop at one!

SAMIP123 Posts: 107
1/10/12 12:54 P

If you want guilt free chocolate, Swiss Miss (no sugar added variety) only has 60 calories! And it's hot and delicious :)

1/10/12 12:14 P

On the whole magnesium thing, I had a blood test recently for some health issues I was having. I came out normal on most things but with bad liver function and too much potassium, something to do with my kidneys. This was a bit depressing considering I'm only 19 but nothing to do with my chocolate cravings!

Thanks for the info though :)

GDBEAR65 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/10/12 11:06 A

I eat dark chocolate - some people find it bitter. I buy Swiss 72% cocoa - to me it tastes a little sweet - I keep individually wrapped squares in a bowl at my desk, so people can help themselves - most everyone likes it. Funny thing though is it's usually the guys - almost all the women who've tried it, said it was too bitter. Also found an 80% cocoa from Cemoi that tastes awesome. And I've tried 85% cocoa chocolate from Lindt - that stuff is a bit bitter but still palatable and by comparison it makes 70% cocoa taste sweet.

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1/10/12 10:48 A

this is a topic close to my heart. heart being the operative word,,,dark choclet is good for us
yesterday I had a craving for coco and I had found this receipe using silken tofu which is high in protein low in fat,,,here is the receipe,,,enjoy

Choclet Velvet pudding
1 cake silken tofu
1/4 maple syrup
1/3 cup unsweetened coco pwd.
tsp. vanilla
put all in blender and blend till cleamy (I use I little water to get it moving)

4 servings about 100 calories per low fat high protein yum yum

N16351D Posts: 2,349
1/10/12 10:17 A

Some people who crave chocolate are missing Magnesium in their diet. I have a close friend who could not go a day without far too much chocolate. After having some blood tests completed for another reason, it was discovered that she had a Magnesium deficiency in her diet. When she added a supplement and foods high in magnesium, her chocolate cravings diminished significantly. She started having one piece a week instead of a few chocolate bars a day.

If you take this seriously, you may have other nutrients checked. Some people have bodies who do not metabolize nutrients normally and may have deficiencies, though they are eating a healthy, balanced diet.

I hope this helps.

MELISSAD0721 Posts: 330
1/10/12 9:52 A

Sugar free chocolate pudding cups, Hersheys special dark chocolate mini's, or tootsie rolls. Simple and kills my cravings!

LUVL42 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (668)
Posts: 13
1/10/12 9:49 A

I love dark chocolate. My favorite right now are Cocopotomas Hotties or Lindt Excellence A Touch of Sea Salt I limit myself to one square.

1/10/12 9:38 A

i give myself a "kiss" if i worked out..ate well, then after dishes i eat a chocolate kiss. let it melt on my tounge. yummy!

1/10/12 9:37 A

there are some spark recipes that are healthier versions of brownies. I made some and they are really good! For just over 100 calories a serving. Just wrap each on individually and freeze single serve portions and make room in your calorie allotment everyday for a serving emoticon

GRRARRGH SparkPoints: (33,430)
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Posts: 473
1/10/12 9:35 A

I have a little bit most days. Either just a small piece of actual chocolate, or a cup of Nestle Rich Hot Chocolate. Only 80 calories, so it easily fits into my day.

1/10/12 9:31 A

Thanks for all your helpful suggestions! Will definitely be giving some of them a go.

SPOORK Posts: 1,193
1/10/12 8:59 A

You don't need to cut chocolate out entirely. You can eat it in moderation, just watch your portion size. I eat a small amount of chocolate almost everyday.

PUNKYB830 Posts: 5,295
1/10/12 8:39 A

I have been a long time chocoholic but have found that the healthier i eat the less cravings i have. Right now i cant even stand the taste. But i have in the

1/10/12 8:33 A

the taste of chocolate can absolutely be enjoyed while eating healthy foods!! It doesn't have to be "either I eat a candy bar or I suffer". There is an in-between. :)

Some things to try that you might like (and I'm sure others will have mwore ideas...):

mix a little cocoa powder into Greek yogurt for a chocolate-yogurt-pudding that also make a great fruit dip

add some cocoa powder to a smoothie

my favorite is to thinly slice and apple and lightly dip the slices in good cocoa powder. Give it a second for the apple's juices to moisten and sweeten the cocoa. Works with other fruits too!

Chocolate flavored teas and coffees can sometimes satisfy that craving for little to no calories.

RABSFK SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (18,669)
Posts: 314
1/10/12 8:27 A

I keep squares of individually wrapped dark (75% cocoa) chocolate in the house. When I'm craving chocolate, I eat one and savor it. It's about 50 calories, hits the craving and feels decadent. If I forbid anything, I just want it more.

1/10/12 8:07 A

Hi guys!
It's only my second day on sparkpeople but if I want to actually do well in this I need some tips for the following question:

What do people do when they have massive chocolate cravings?

It's a massive vice of mine. Although I only joined spark yesterday I'd been dieting for a week and doing really well. Then I saw my brother eating a bar yesterday and literally had to have one. If I see or start thinking about chocolate, I literally can think of nothing else until I have some. I think it comes from a habit passed down in my family of having a chocolate bar after dinner each night - not the most healthy of habits.

Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with the craving without just giving in?

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