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6/7/13 2:30 P

Dark chocolate healthy for you - anything over 70% cocoa qualifies, however it is high calories so be mindful of over-indulging. Cocoa contains a substance called theobromine which has a mild stimulating effect but also elevates mood -

6/7/13 12:16 P

Oh and finding a better stress reliever than food is a must. A good hard run followed by a short yoga/stretch with some deep breathing works for me. Find something that works for you. Archary or knife throwing perhaps, you could hang a picture of your MIL :)

6/7/13 12:11 P

I eat an 80% dark chocolate Ingredients: Cacao mass, cane sugar, cacao butter, ground vanilla beans.

Personally I find a quality dark chocolate to be really satisfying and it can be very good for you too. High in iron, magnesium and it's loaded with antioxidants too!

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6/7/13 9:43 A

YES!!! However dark chocolate is better for you...

6/7/13 6:53 A

It seems I put on 1.8 pounds this week. I had two extra pieces of toblerone, but I also know, that I cannot gain almost 2lbs with just that.
I do realize that when Iam STRESSED I tend to seek comfort in food. I mean real stressed.(example-some bad talks with the MIL, make me really sad)
I managed exceed the intake of my dessert.
I think its time I stepped out of my comfort zone ans stop the chocolates for sometime. It's my birthday in July and I want to do a chocolate detox. (almost 4 weeks)

Now, I will appreciate if you could suggest something to satisfy my sweet-tooth, for the coming one month. I even did a '100 day' challenge with SP and literally lost my 'taste' for chocolates.

Please, have a look at my tracker, and guide me with anything if needed.
(I did have an icecream today)
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