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12/13/12 5:28 P

I enjoy the Kashi granola chocolate bars. The one with coconut is my favorite. They seem to satisfy my sweet tooth.

12/13/12 2:31 P

That sounds delicious. I forgot I had fat free hot chocolate mix at my desk. Only 25 calories and chocolate craving satisfied.

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12/13/12 2:27 P

On occasion I will mash a banana with some frozen cherries and a few raisins and add a bit of cocoa powder to it.

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12/13/12 1:34 P

If you'd like a snack. Have a piece of fruit. The natural sweetness of the fruit should help sate any cravings.

Now, is chocolate a trigger food for you ? If chocolate isn't a trigger food and you can practice portion control, there really isn't any reason you can't have a small piece of chocolate. Spark People isn't about deprivation. It's all about moderation and portion control. So, if you think you can portion control the chocolate, it really is okay to have a small portion.

If you think you'll over indulge, stick with the fruit or maybe some microwave popcorn. Once again, just watch the portion size. that's all.

12/13/12 1:27 P

Any suggestions how to satisfay a chocolate craving? I'm trying to distract myself through it but suggestions would be good.

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