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8/16/13 5:07 P

if you go to Panda Express, (google panda express nutrition) they have a meal builder that gives a decent approximation.

panda experss is probably pretty similar. just say if you had rice, and waht your two entrees were. They don't have the two types of chicien you had, but the key would be "was the chicken breaded adn deep fried or not".

i see about 1000 per 2 entry plate, give or take 100.

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8/16/13 5:06 P

My favorite is Beef w/broccoli over white rice, but unfortunately that rings in at over 900 calories. So I thought it would be sort of healthy!

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8/16/13 4:31 P

Today I ate a two item combo at a Chinese Resturant of Seasme Chicken and Burbon chicken with fried rice and water I have no Idea how many calories I ate I'm sure its over 1000 or close. I havent eaten chinese in a while and I'm not going to stress too badly over it.

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