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1/1/11 11:06 A

Being vegetarian, we love the crumbles. I also like to use TVP, which has a similar texture to boca crumbles. My one go-to for chili, though, is cashews! I have made batches of chili for parties using them and it is alwasy a hit! I smash them with a rolling pin and add about halway through the cooking time. So delicious!

SARA72121 Posts: 843
12/23/10 1:44 A

They should be with the frozen food by the vegetarian items like the boca burgers. Morningstar makes a crumble too, I actually prefer that one to boca's.

TROTTERFAM4 Posts: 317
12/22/10 11:20 P

Wow...I have never heard of Boca Crumbles, but I am sure going to look for them next time I go to the grocery store. What section are they in??

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12/22/10 6:49 P

I bought a bag and stuck it in the freezer. My husband made a batch of chili, not realizing he was adding "fake meat". Niether of us realized what he had done until I asked him what happened to my Boca Crumbles! We really can't tell the difference.

BLUEJEANGRL80 Posts: 326
12/21/10 7:56 P

Family wanted chili for dinner today and with so many Christmas chores to finish, I didn't feel much like frying and draining the fat off the ground beef. In a crockpot, I put chopped onion, chopped celery, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce and chili seasoning. This time in place of the ground beef, I used a bag of Boca crumbles I kept in the freezer not knowing what to do with it. Everyone enjoyed the Chili and no one noticed the difference-no meat! Not even my picky DH! This will become a staple item.

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