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MELANDJER Posts: 1,460
4/8/13 3:11 P

I agree. It's more bonus activity for the day than a 'workout'.

MARGOES1 Posts: 9
4/8/13 3:11 P

Thanks for the replies! Yeah my heart rate really didn't get up much. There was one point that we had to swim against a current in a vortex pool, but that was very brief.

Thank you!

EXNOLA Posts: 308
4/8/13 2:31 P

Did your heart rate get up? When I have done those classes they were not very taxing on me. I do not recall feeling like it was even remotely a workout for me. My kids got more of one but they were actually trying to swim.
So, if you felt your heart rate go up for those 30 minutes then track it as water arobics or swimming. However, if it really didn't do that, I would not count it at all. It would be already counted in your daily activities.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
4/8/13 2:31 P

Personally, unless my HR was reallly getting up for over half the class, I wouldn't log it. I'd just count it as bonus.

If you want to track to count it in your fitness minutes, but not necessarily get a calorie burn estimate, I'd just plug it into the Quick Track so you can keep track of 'active" minutes.

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MARGOES1 Posts: 9
4/8/13 2:26 P

I've taken my one-year old daughter to a child/parent swim. The class is 30 minutes with about 30 minutes of play time. The water is about 4 feet and we do spend some of the class swimming on our backs and swimming side stroke with the child in our arms. How would you enter that in the Fitness Tracker?


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