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Chia Seed recipe/uses

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4/28/13 5:42 A

Chia Tapioca Pudding for Breakfast

1/4 Cup Chia Seeds
1 1/2 Cups Chocolate Almond Milk
Dash Vanilla
Raw Honey or Stevia to sweeten
decorate with strawberry (optional)

Refrigerate overnight and enjoy in am, chilled

Posts: 5,051
4/27/13 8:04 A

I use Chia seeds in my homemade granola, or sprinkle on my oatmeal. You can basically add them to any baked goods recipe. I can relate to SANVEAN83 - chia seeds, as well as ground flaxseeds always get caught in my teeth too! Thank goodness for dental floss!!!!!

Posts: 126
4/25/13 2:31 P

This is a pretty tasty recipe (and I'm sure you can add as many chia seeds as you'd like):

I also like sprinkling them on top of a toasted waffle with peanut butter spread on it. only dislike about chia seeds is that they get all caught up in your teeth! =O

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4/18/13 9:45 P

I don't have a specific recipe for them. I add them to just about everything, though. I find that they help to thicken soups and sauces.

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Posts: 1
4/17/13 9:49 P

Hi everyone,

I am new here and have been on a weight loss journey for about a year now, with only a 12 pound weight loss in the past year. Recently, a friend told me about chia seeds, not to lose weight, but for other health benefits such as bowel health, omega 3 intake and other things. I bought both milled chia seeds and raw chia seeds. I was wondering if anyone had any good uses or recipes involves chia seeds? So far I have been mixing them with greek yogurt, mixing in my morning protein shake, and I even made a chocolate chia pudding. I do have to say, I feel they fill me up quicker and curb my cravings.

Anyway, any recipes or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks for listening!

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