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1/16/14 4:01 P

Technically, I started this off as trying it for weight loss since my boss lost so much weight so fast. However, I could never stick to something so limiting. I cheat and I end up eating solid food. So after reading more on the nutritional value of the Chia, I am totally game for replacing one meal a day, just for the "goodness".

But, you are correct, I can't just sit and drink my way slimmer. This was just part of my "winter" game plan so I wouldn't eat so many comfort foods as I have in winters past.

I am totally aware that its not the answer. Im still finding the right combination of "magic"

Thanks guys!


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1/13/14 10:34 P

Sorry for the glibness. It didn't translate well. I agree that chia seeds are nutritious and I just had some in my post workout smoothie today.

My question and comment was more aimed at the OP. I don't think smoothies as two-a-day meal replacements are a good strategy for lasting weight loss and that was why I asked what she would do after she lost the weight.

The "magical" comment comes from the OP's approach. "The first week was hard, I was starving, and the chia seeds didn't seem to be doing what they say, make you feel full." "My thought is, let them soak up in my belly!" So, it seems that the chia seeds are not being used for nutritional value but as a way of increasing fullness. Any bulky, fiber rich food could do the same, thus my statement that they are not magical.

I hope this clears up any confusion. I apologize for failing to communicate more clearly.

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1/13/14 2:13 P


Not really a helpful post, there.

Chia seeds offer nutritional value. Who said they were "magical"?

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1/13/14 1:59 P

What is your plan after you lose the weight with shake replacements? Chia seeds have no magical properties.

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1/13/14 12:56 P

I use a NutriBullet, and my recipes are pretty inexact- half a large mixing cup full of kale or spinach, 1/4 cup of oatmeal, then a tablespoon of chia seeds. Rest of cup is filled with blueberries and whatever other fruit I may have available (orange, banana, strawberries, or apple).

More than sweet enough without adding sugar or stevia.

This is my go-to breakfast 3-4 times a week.

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1/13/14 12:14 P

My thought is, let them soak up in my belly! Not sure if thats the right way to think... emoticon . I too use coconut water and almond milk...just started using Tropicana 50 apple juice. The ones I do with spinach or kale usually keep me full faster. I also add half cotainer of a greek yogurt to some of my smooties.

I won't go crazy with this...i just wanted to try it out. I kinda think that it works for some people, some not so good.

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1/13/14 12:03 P

time to time I will add chia seeds to my smoothies, but I soak them prior to using them so that they soak up the liquid before i add them.

I find that fruit sweetens my smoothies just fine. I don't use table sugar. I also use coconut nectar, honey or bee pollen to sweeten.

I don't have recipes per se. It is just what i have in the house. I love to add nut butters (ones I make myself or ones that I can make from WF, that way i know exactly what is in it).

I did a 7 day smoothie diet and was just fine. 2 smoothies for lunch and breakfast and then a light dinner. I eat raw so dinner was normally lots of veggies and fruit.

you will get a lot of mixed reviews about doing this kind of diet, but I have seen it succeed and I have seen it fail. It depends on your attitude going in.

i was hungrier after a smoothie mixed with water vs one mixed with almond milk. (I also don't do dairy- so no yogurt, no milk, no eggs)

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1/13/14 11:54 A

My boss replaced all three meals for 2 weeks with smoothies, lost 15 lbs, no exercise. He is now only replacing 2 meals, and having dinner, and walking on the treadmill. Of course I had to try it. I don't have much to lose, maybe 5-10 lbs, so Im only replacing breakfast and lunch. Chia smoothies are not very tasty, Im cheating a bit. Adding sugar, as most fruit is not sweet right now, honey just doesn't get it, stevia, ewwwww. I eat a regular dinner in the evening, but am finding fast that I can't eat what I used to eat cause I get full faster.

The first week was hard, I was starving, and the chia seeds didn't seem to be doing what they say, make you feel full. You defintely have to get use to the seeds, as they have a different texture, once they soak in your liquid. I ground mine, vs. adding the whole seed. Im better this week. I like variety so Im trying new kinds of smoothies. Haven't yet tried to put chia on/in food yet. That's phase two. Don't think I will do that though. I like the idea of replacing a meal with a nutrient rich smoothie. Not too many calories.

Anyone else tried chia seed smoothies? How did it work for you? Any recipes?

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