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6/29/13 12:32 A

My goodness! We have some stories between the two of us...what I find so disheartening/discouraging is that this happens when we are trying to do something GOOD for ourselves and our health....grrr!
I have found spinning/cycling classes have been the one activity I have not got hurt with. I have been going for over two years and attend twice a week.
I started trying to run again several months ago- back to my "old" do a "wog"- my term for a walk/jog. So far so good...
I wish you well with this new endeavor.

6/28/13 11:40 P

It sounds like something that would happen to me too Kathy. Once I really couldn't run much anymore, I started riding my Arabian horses in endurance (25-100 mile events). And I couldn't believe it when my conformation problems caused severe problems when I rode my horses long distance. To ride my horses long distance, I have to wear my orthodics, custom ankle braces and special taping in order to not damage my ankles.

So when I heard that you injured yourself badly going to a clinic to help learn to run in a way you wouldn't hurt your body and you got hurt doing it, I could relate. emoticon

I'm going to be open to the fact that I might not ever be able to run safely. But I do want to give this a try, once I'm better. I have been able to walk 5-7 miles regularly although it was painful with my foot problems. Hopefully I'll always be able to walk even if running doesn't work out.

Let's stay active and healthy one way or another. I do like the idea of getting more in tune with my body, no matter what I do for exercise.

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6/28/13 11:16 P

Good luck to you! I also had orthotics and good shoes, but guess I had a "perfect storm" to do so much damage so quickly. I hope you can do this safely and reach all of your fitness goals. emoticon

6/28/13 10:15 P

Kathy, I wear very customized orthodics that actually have a large mound under my arch so that my foot can't roll in. I both pronate and supinate and have a lot of other ankle foot problems but the way these orthodics are made seem to help me alot.

I know I could never practice anything barefooted because of my foot/ankle problems. I will remember what you wrote and be very careful as I investigate Chi running and walking. Thank very much for telling us about your experience. I had made a mental note of it because I want to be alert to any problem I might run into. emoticon

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6/28/13 10:10 P

Update: It took me almost a year to recover from my Chi Running class. ( see my posting below) Lots of PT and frustration and gained some weight back. IF YOU HAVE HIGH INSTEPS/ARCHES I would avoid like the plague...

6/28/13 9:29 P

I had foot surgery today. I'm a former runner. Ran for decades. Ran long, raced a lot, loved running but was hurt a lot. So I used swimming and biking to allow me to continue to keep running over the years. I have a lot of conformation problems although some of them are helped by very customized orthodics.

I tore my meniscus in my left knee two years ago and once that was healed, dealt with a neuroma in my right foot, I had an operation for that 8 months ago and today I had another operation on my right foot for a mass in the same area and also to remodel a bunion on that foot.

Which led me to meeting a really great guy nurse during my pre-op time. He's 57, like me, and an avid runner. He was talking about a race that takes place in our city, that begins by running down a mountain for many miles. I asked how he could do that without getting hurt and he told me that he practices Chi Running and he urged me to learn about it.

So that's what I'm doing today. I been to the Chi Running web site and then I searched for Chi Running here at Spark. So glad that I'll be able to read more about it here.

Of course, I have to heal from my operation first, before I even try Chi Walking. But I'm excited to learn about both Chi walking and running. I've been walking 5-7 miles most days these last few years.

I know I wrote a book just now but I attribute it to some kind of post op giddiness. Soon though, post op pain meds are going to be kicking in and I may be sleeping for a few days. emoticon

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
4/6/13 8:27 P

OK, this topic is really intriguing. I guess I'll have to check out the team and look for a clinic.

Does anyone know if chi running can help those of us who already have bone spurs and what not in our knees? I really enjoy running but have to ration my time doing so and would love to be able to quit worrying about that.

Thanks for any input.

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4/6/13 6:00 P

Hi PapaMikie and all!

I just got out of my first Chi Walk/Run 5 hour seminar. Omg! It was great. We had a very good certified instructor. We started out learning to do many typical Tai Chi forms and we had ample time to practice what we learned. The instructor video taped us and we got a chance to go over each persons walking and running technique at the end. He is going to put the videos on You Tube so we have something to learn from. Isn't that neat! I told the class I'm going to make tapes of myself and sell them. Lol. I have never run before so this was a real treat. As a matter of fac, I didn't know I was able to run. Any time I've tried to run my body just couldn't seem to move fast enough to do it. I thought it was partly from being over weight and partly from having back problems. But during the class I managed to run without much of a problem. Using the Chi Walk/Running method makes it easy to do and I don't have to be concerned about the impact on my back, because there is hardly any impact when using the proper technique. Most of the time I felt like I was floating, if you know what I mean. I caught on quickly mostly due to my background in Tai Chi. I was very happy this turned out well. Now I can schedule in walking and running. It sure is nice to know I can loose weight by running any time I want.

Signing off...

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6/19/12 3:54 P

Well, the chi running class was very informative. I was video-taped and told I had good form etc. It felt pretty good...and then woke up the next day with Achilles tendonitis...Here I am almost exactly a month after the class, and still hobbling around. My fear of injury came true- IN A CLASS THAT IS SUPPOSED TO TEACH YOU HOW TO NOT GET INJURED! No, not a yell, just a "could it only happen to me" shaking my head type of comment. I have seen my chiro and now PT. For anyone with high arches- be wary...what happened to me ( according to my trusted professionals) is that because I have high- and I mean HIGH arches, and the way one is supposed to land when one does the chi running, my foot rolls in because there is nothing "there" for it to hit the ground. This stresses my ankle and heel and aforementioned tendon. They tell me it is like someone wringing out a washcloth- except it is the tendons along the back of my leg. Swelling at the inside back of my ankle- icing it for three weeks and still taking otc pain meds. I am still doing my spinning classes, but the running/walking that I was also doing about three times a week has had to stop. And here comes five pounds...sigh. I am doing some stretching/strengthening exercises and do hope to try again. But it will be with some sort of orthotic support and perhaps a midification of where I do land. Anyone considering trying chi might want to be mindful of what high arches can do to you when you try this...

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4/27/12 12:22 A

I have incorporated some of the principles into my running, though I don't consider myself a Chi Runner. I would be interested to hear your experience with the workshop! Since I've been incorporating these principles, the soreness around my kneecaps has dissipated, but I have developed some persistent tendonitis-type soreness/stiffness in the back of my right knee.

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4/26/12 8:17 P

As promissed,

Yes we have a Chi Running and Chi Walking team here. Why not pop by and see where we are up to. Chi Running and Walking are based on the principle of Tai Chi and have two primary goals, injury preventions and energy efficiency.

It starts by teaching alignment and movement from the core and builds in learning to pay attention to your body so you can learn what work for you and learn to make adjustments based on getting you mind and body working together.

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4/26/12 5:09 P

There's actually a team for this!

Papamikie is the resident Chi Running expert; he'll likely be along in a bit to post!

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4/26/12 3:58 P

My fear is getting hurt, and so thought this would certainly be the time to ensure I have good form. No bad habits or re-learning etc. I watch people when I am at the gym and even with me knowing nothing, even I can spot people who have bad form and may get is quite interesting to see how everyone is so different.

MOMOSG Posts: 78
4/26/12 3:48 P

I was given a book on it from my eye Dr. He runs clinics. I've read the book, like the concept and now I'm considering a clinic next month. I just don't think I can figure out how to develop correct form on my own even having read a book.

I've run on and off my whole life but never consistently for various reasons. I believe that the correct technique will allow me to take my desire to run regularly and make it a reality. It should be a lot more enjoyable when you are running with good form. The concept is sound, nothing radical.

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4/26/12 3:40 P

I have signed up for a 4 hour Chi Running workshop. I figured since I am a total newbie for this, it might be a good thing, esp. since they say it can help avoid injuries. Anyone out there taken chi running before? Thoughts?

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