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3/26/13 11:01 P

could be acid reflux.

ill let you know after i finish my m.d.

3/26/13 8:25 P

Chest pain shouldn't be ignored. That being said, I think I know the sensation you are talking about. When I'm doing something that gets my heart rate up in cold dry air, It's almost feels like my lungs or trachea get wind burn or something. It only feels like that when it's really cold though.

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3/26/13 1:05 A

It's not "freaking out", it's a matter of fact.

What you describe is potentially serious and you definitely need to see an actual doctor.

Hitting a cardio limit of your lung capacity should not hurt.

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3/25/13 9:45 P


Any time one experiences chest pain, you need to be cleared by your doctor before you begin ANY exercise program. Pain in the chest can be caused by a number of things, none of which our members or experts are in a position to advise you on. Please contact your doctor.

Coach Nancy

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3/25/13 9:09 P

Ok so DONT freak out. It isn't like heart pain, but it is more like when I run I get to breathing so hard it is like my lungs have that burning feeling in my chest. Anybody else have this? It is almost like heartburn in a way, I dunno. I've noticed it before but today it was actually quite painful..I wonder if I'm going at it too hard...what is an appropriate way to build up your lung capacity for running long distances? I've noticed that this tends to happen near the end of my 5k, at least that's when I start noticing it. But I know 5k isn't really a LONG distance, but it's pretty longish for me right now anyway. It was also pretty cold today so breathing the cold air might have made it worse too...?

And who knows, heck maybe it could really just be heartburn, but that's not usually a problem for me.

And then it seems to go away like 10 mins after I'm done running

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