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JANC7223 Posts: 1,433
12/23/08 11:03 P

I usually feel great after exercise.

NORWAYNANCY Posts: 1,566
12/21/08 4:09 P

Maybe step down a few paces from what you are doing now,not so much intensity?

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12/21/08 10:25 A


While many people may have experienced similar situations, it is always best to verify your situation with another physician or cardiologist. There are too many variables that can account for chest pains that CANNOT be determined on a website. I still recommend an evaluation by a physician and let him/her advise you on your exercise routine.


LOUISEK85 Posts: 265
12/21/08 10:02 A

You have already been given the all clear about your heart. Therefore, it cannot be that...

Continuing to worry about something that you have had checked and came back all clear makes no sense to me at all and you must look elsewhere for the cause.

Where is the pain in your chest?

I suffered from agonising pains in my chest when i tired jogging not long ago.

I'm very unfit and went out for my first jog and after my first minute of a higher pace, i could hardly breathe.

My chest was tight and to inhale caused massive pains in the back of my throat and what felt like behind my chest bone.

It took about 15 minutes once i got home for the pain to subside completely and i was left with a bit of a cough reflex if i inhaled really deeply.

I have never smoked. I don't have any breathing conditions. I don't have any alergies.

Does that sounds remotely similar?

I couldn't find any advice about it so i have just had to try and apply different snippets of knowledge to try and form an explanation...

I am normally a very shallow breather.

I think it was caused by the fact that i over-exerted the muscles used to control my breathing by going at too hard of a pace with my exercise. My demand for oxygen increased so rapidly that my diaphragm stuggled and had to stretch and contract to an extent that it was no used to.

I think the pain i felt was the same as if i had pulled a muscle in my neck or calf or something - but it was in my chest i couldn't ease off it because i had to breathe!

Since i have taken my exercise on with a much more gradual build up and i've been fine since.

I did get a slight twinge of it happening and i slowed my pace back down and it went.

I am a bit stumped on you getting it when you are stressed...

That is my experience with a similar thing happening anyway :)

All the best!

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12/21/08 8:31 A


Find another doc now! I would not recommend exercising until you find out what is causing your issue. This is way beyond the scope of what SP or its members can recommend. This is something a doc needs to advise you on. I wish you well!


TIGERLILY723 Posts: 1,720
12/21/08 7:24 A

Don't mess with your heart, get that second opinion. Especially because as women, our symptoms with heart disease go unnoticed so when there is a problem, it is big. I am not a doctor, but it sounds like you are suffering from some sort of angina, which is a fancy word for your heart temporarily not getting enough blood, when you exercise. Perhaps you need to change the level of your exercise. For example,instead of running, maybe you need to be walking. It may be that you are pushing your heart beyond what it can take. Since you mentioned stress, you might go talk to a doctor about anxiety. When I was working two jobs and going to school part-time I started to have chest pains. As soon as I started to talk to the doctor I realized that I was describing a classic anxiety attack and promptly got some medication for it. By the way, for women the signs of a heart attack are things like heartburn, gas, maybe a little burning sensation in the stomach area, and pain in the jaw. Nothing that would really make you go see a doctor, eh? Hope this helps. Where are you living by the way?

ANNAMARIA6 Posts: 240
12/21/08 5:33 A

I have pain in my chest after physical activity or when I feel stressed. I went to the cardiologist and he did some very expensive tests and told me my heart is healthy but I have high blood pressure and my resting heart rate is 95/min. I am only 28 but 44 pounds overweight. I used to exercise 5 days a week but I stopped it 8 months ago when I graduated and moved to my new home. Here unfortunately without a car I cannot leave my house so cannot go to gym or anywhere , however I walk my dog around the house 1 hour per day. I bought a treadmill and also have some exercise DVDs but every time I do some exercise even when I go for a brisk walk I have pain in my chest not during exercise but after . I am worried but keep doing moderate exercise every day. Does anyone have similar problems or advice? I will try to find some other doctor to visit but because I moved to a new country and don't speak the language I have difficulties finding good doctors. Generally the ones I have visited since I got here did not care and did not give me any explanation or advice.

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