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1/22/13 9:31 A

Hi, Emily. I'm sorry you're upset about that. Members usually omit serving sizes from their recipes. We do include them with Chef Meg's; they are located at the bottom of the instructions (that's a system decision, not mine).

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12/17/12 10:27 P

Many many many of the recipes do NOT include a serving size, and it's maddening! I love browsing and even trying the recipes, but it drives me nuts that there isn't more obvious portion information included on most of the recipes I see.

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12/17/12 5:28 P

Thank you thank you thank you for pointing that out. I always worried I was eating more or less then the serving because i didn't know where it was listed. Sometimes I see the serving is towards the top but no alway. Thank you!

12/17/12 10:09 A

Thanks for the feedback. With rare exception, we do list serving sizes on recipes. Due to the system used on SparkRecipes, the serving sizes are listed below the instructions. In the Cranberry-Orange Relish recipe, for example, it says "A serving is 2 tablespoons."
Have a great day!
Stepfanie, editor

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12/17/12 7:23 A

Thanks for the feedback! I'll pass it along.

Coach Jen

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12/17/12 6:58 A

I love everything you've made for Sparkpeople, and I enjoy them almost every day. I do have one tiny issue, can you put the size of the serving on your recipes? I know if we do the math and divide it by enough we can get the serving size but could you change this one thing? I don't know the size of the serving so with your Cranberry-Orange Relish, I have to take tiny spoonfuls but I don't know if its a tablespoon or not.

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