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4/7/11 1:16 P

doing a google search I found these...

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4/7/11 1:09 P

Weight Watchers has an amazing low cal cheesecake recipe. It is made with a chocolate crust and some chocolate chips.

I made it for my family for Christmas and they all loved it--and were shocked it was low calorie.

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4/7/11 11:53 A

I would cruise through the Spark recipes first.
Also I typed "cottage cheese, cheese cake" into google and a bunch of sites came up with recipes.
It may take a while going through so many recipes, but I'llk bet you'll find it or something very close to it.


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4/7/11 10:35 A

Hi! A LONG time ago, I had a recipe for a very low-cal cheesecake. It was made in a 9" pie plate (crustless) w/low-fat/no-fat cottage cheese, sweetener and something else (can't remember!).

I believe it was from Diet Workshop (if anyone remembers the 1970's!)

I remember it was a HUGE HIT with everyone!!! I used to pop a few berries on top and it was FABULOUS!!

Does anyone have that recipe, or something like it??

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