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11/8/13 3:35 P

Paleo would be great for that, and if you don't actually want to eliminate grains and so on, go for vegan recipes as well. Between them you'd get piles and piles of great recipe ideas. Or you could go for regional/ethnic cuisines that just plain don't use cheese much if at all -- Chinese, for instance.

As others have said you can also eliminate cheese from cheese-containing regular recipes, or grab some 'fake' cheese from the health food store and see if you like that. (Personally I've never found anything at the supermarket that I like or can use, but part of that's because those mostly contain casein, a milk protein. This would not be an issue for you. You can find brands like Daiya at the health food store and I do like those for things like pizza.)

There are vegan recipe websites all over the internet; presumably paleo as well.

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11/8/13 2:33 P

The health food section of your supermarket has 'cheese' in flavors like Cheddar and Mozzarella (refrigerated). They are made from nuts. Some of them are just OK in a sandwich, some are really good, even on a gratin. Vegan cookbooks will offer you the most advice, along with some truly awesome tasty recipes. (I even made my own cashew cheese from an artisinal cheese vegan cookbook and it was quite tasty!)

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11/8/13 12:58 P

Most often, cheese is added, and not a requirement for the dish. It is for more flavor. So just get rid of the cheese, and adjust serving size a bit higher, to make up the calories.

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11/8/13 10:30 A

First off: I AM SO SORRY.

A cheese allergy would probably destroy me. Cheese and I have a long love affair..

Secondly: Have you considered the alternatives? I know a couple vegan friends of mine that have cheese recipes that are made of nuts and a few other things so you get the flavor and some healthy fats and *most* of the time they can be easily substituted. I'm not sure if the mold allergy applies to this since I have never really known anybody with this problem. But perhaps finding a substitute to cheese to use in those recipes might be the answer? You could also look at dairy free recipes. I know it's not the dairy that is your problem but at least they won't have cheese in them. :)

Good luck!

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11/8/13 10:14 A

What kind of recipes are you referring to? We might be able to help you to come up with some substitutes (unless it's something like mac and cheese obviously)

11/8/13 10:07 A

One of my biggest issues with the recipes and meal plans on most sites is they all love to use CHEESE. Since I am allergic to cheese (it's a mold allergy, not a dairy one) I am very limited on the usefulness of new recipes and meal plans as provided.

I've been leaning more towards paleo for recipes (they are really good btw) since it dairy free so it automatically eliminates cheese. Anyone else have a Cheese allergy? What are your go to snacks and recipes?

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