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6/18/13 2:59 P

Thanks everyone! It was a great experience. i love the vibe of those big events- 6000 people completed the half or full marathon that morning. It was fun. And I felt good about running my race and staying pretty strong!

On to the next one- training starts soon!

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6/13/13 7:56 A

Congratulations! Sounds like you ran smart, something most first timers fail to do. Kudos!

ROCK_CLIMBER2 Posts: 328
6/11/13 8:25 P

way to go.

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6/2/13 9:30 A

Well done. I know that was a big goal for you and I'm glad you achieved it.

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5/30/13 4:36 P

The only local marathon I know about here is in March so I have a while to keep

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5/30/13 3:03 P


I felt the same- surprisingly strong and no problems after the race was over. I was conservative for it. I felt really good early in the race but resisted the urge to push my pace. I finished strong, so I was happy about it!

With that said, NO WAY (for now at least) to a 26.2! A friend of mine who did his first half a year ago and has done a couple since did the full this weekend at the same race that i did the half. He told me afterward that, while he did great- a little over 4 hours- he bonked badly at mile 23 and finished strong but was laid up for 2 days after!

I'm not ready to beat myself up like that, yet anyways! When is your 26.2?

I think I will work on my 5k's and some speedwork for the summer, and start a new half training plan in July so that I am prepped to run my hometown half marathon in September if I feel the urge!

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5/30/13 10:54 A

Congratulations. So how did you feel after the race? I just did a half a few months ago and I was surprised that it was not as bad as I thought. So do you plan on training for a full now or is that it? I am thinking I want to do the full next

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
5/30/13 10:18 A

nice going, that's quite an accomplishment!

I'm always happy to just get a 5km run in every week.

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5/30/13 10:16 A

How is everyone?

Since last I posted, I checked one goal off of my bucket list- I completed my first half-marathon. Very excited to have done that. 2:23 was my time. I kept a consistent (albeit slow) pace and got it done!

Goal race for this year done- now will just enjoy the summer, try to stay active, and keep moving!

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