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9/15/13 9:14 A

That was so much of a cheat day. I am having one, once in awhile but just once a week. And still when I do cheating, it is just a meal in a day. Just bear in mind that you have to be responsible in doing so, cheat day does not mean eating everything that you want. It is just a matter of adding up your calorie intake.

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9/15/13 8:54 A

Small meals plus snacks can help reduce your risk of heart attack.... keeping your heart's workload during digestion to a minim....really!

.... if you wait more than a couple of hours to eat something your blood sugar drops and that's when you start to crave even more if you decide to splurge on junk food and lots of carbs then you will feel hungry and eat more......

Think of it this way...overeating is not an option because it's easy to fool yourself into thinking your on the straight and narrow when your not....maybe this quote will help did wonders for me.....

What makes the difference between wishing and realizing our wishes? Lots of things, and it may take months or years for wish to come true, but it's far more likely to happen when you care so much about a wish that you'll do all you can to make it happen.”

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9/15/13 7:23 A

relying on the laxative effect of overeating [in other words eating so much food that your body cannot process it all and it runs through you] shouldn't be your goal. it's a very unhealthy way to do things.
you're certainly not the first person to ever eat a day's calories in a meal. and it depends on how many calories you eat in a day and how many calories are in your deficit for the week. in other words, if your weekly deficit is the same as a day's worth of calories, then you should maintain your weight for the week, though for the next few days the number on the scale might be up because of the extra sodium you ate. if a day's worth of calories is more than your weekly deficit, then you might gain. if a day's worth of calories is less than your weekly deficit then you may still lose.

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9/15/13 5:34 A

What happens on ONE day doesn't really make much difference over-all. If it did, a LOT of us who have reached out goals would be right back where we started, or at least, well down that track again.

I am one who in weight-loss mode practiced eating whatever I wanted one day in a two week period. Sometimes those calories were more than double my normal daily allowance. What I did most of the time was eat toward the lower end, so that with the over-eat day taken into account, I was still eating in weight-loss mode. Of course, sometimes that one-day-in-two-week period was extended, and sometimes it came a wee bit sooner. Since I reached my goal, I still mostly eat in weight-loss mode, but now give myself permission to eat whatever I want one day in a week. Again, sometimes it may be more than a week before I 'over-eat'. I have been at my goal for nearly 3 years.

It sounds to me like you are confused about calories/fats/etc. overall.

Below is are some links that may be helpful:

Take care,

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9/15/13 4:47 A

So, kind of silly question, but I heard if you ate a really big meal, the stomach won't have a chance to fully intake all the food and there is a chance that it won't hold onto all the calories you ate and would just pass through you. I've ate pretty good all week, but today after the past few days of intense working out and trying to cut calories, I may have doubled my calorie intake for the day in a 3 hour sitting or so (damn boxing match). There was a lot of protein in the meal, but also lots of carbs and bad fat. Since I did cut most of the week, if the calories did stick with me, I doubt I would lose/gain for the week, but was just wondering if anyone had a really bad cheat day like this and if it ruined an entire week's of work.

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