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Cheap meal plan

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5/25/13 12:15 P

Well it sounds like you're really on the right track MonkeyMom. Everything you said you did this week was a geat idea. I too love this time of year when strawberries are $2 or less a pound :)

I'd forgotten about pork shoulder roasts. Another good, cheap cut of meat that is easy to make and stretches well into multiple meals and leftovers. Good job

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5/25/13 11:11 A

yes berries r a luxury so this week i bough some and froze them bc strawberries were on sale for 1.98 cheaper then frozen :)
last week bought chicken breast for 1.98lb they were real big breast so made some stir fry meat, few bags of chicken with a cream soup to have chicken and biscuits, a few bags of chicken for taco meat for verity bc most our meals are meat less or chicken. i have bough some prk for 1.79l;b a few weeks back dont care for p[pork but made it taste good by making bbq pork:)
i will have to look into more beans and hearty soups.
i thought wheat pasta was more soi will check that out. thank you guys for ur help

i do get a food box from community action normal get 1 meat that i try to stretch into more then 1 meal, onions, about 10 can goods, brown rice 1lb, some times some pasta cereal and out dated breads and treat from the storers. also they give out out dated dairy but i cant get myself to eat that

i have not went to church in a while and it is hard to ask for help :(

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5/25/13 10:43 A

College student here so I can relate to trying to be healthy on a budget

Walmart has their cheap chicken breast for $2.00/lb, and boneless, skinless thighs for $1.78/lb

Those are my normal meats, then I look for what I call the "oh crap sale"- meat that has an expiration date of tomorrow so it needs to be eaten or frozen by then. You can find pork chops for $2/lb and cheap cuts of beef for $3/lb. That's my meat plan

Frozen veggies tend to be cheaper than fresh ones. You can get a 5lb bag of broccoli or really any veggie for affordable and keep it in the freezer. They steam just fine in the microwave for a quick side.

Eggs are also and excellent, affordable protein source.

And as mentioned, bags of brown rice and beans are a good, cheap complex carb to look at. They just take a bit to cook. Also look at whole wheat pasta, those are only a dollar a box for the generic brand.

Oatmeal is dirt cheap for morning breakfasts and far healthier than any breakfast cereal. I don't mind the quick, 1 minute kind at all that I can just make in the microwave. Kids can have fun flavoring it up as well.

Good luck! and no shame in asking. I too hate how expensive the produce section is. Bananas are the cheapest fruit normally, followed by the 3lb bags of apples. Dang berries are a luxury item but oh so delicious sadly :(

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5/25/13 8:34 A

I encourage you (and anyone in need) to open up to local church involvement if you haven't already. Our church assists many families privately.

Cheapest options if in dire need:
Long grain brown rice 20 or 50lb bag (not the best for health but will maintain adequate calories until you can save up for more nutritious foods)
Carrots (watch for coupons for these. I've found them for free after BOGO and coupons)
Tuna (never pay more than .68/can)
Bananas (keep your eyes open for specials)
Aldi's fruits and veggies (hit or miss. keep checking ads)
Frozen veggies
Dried beans and lentils
Potatoes 10lb bag
Homemade soup (filling, nutritious, cheap. Can make your own broth and add almost any leftovers.)
Watch for deals on any seafood, meats, or eggs.

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5/25/13 8:02 A

Thank you for that article
I do do most stuff listed on that list. I have been use to living on a budget for a long time I am disabled and because grew up with my mom that was poor and if she had money would spend on things that we didn't need. Remembering back when me and my nephew had only applesauce to eat and I let him have it all.becoming anorexic at the age of 7 not sure if food shortage was anything to do with it also had a lot of emotional issues and food was one thing I thought I could conrol. anyway the only thing I dont do is the soups and beans. I have never been well at doing soup, also not sure what veg stock is.

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5/25/13 7:42 A

No reason to be embarrassed. Lots of people ask this same question :)

Here's a link to an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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5/25/13 7:05 A

I am embarrassed to be posting this but need more healthy ideas that are cheap.
I am a single mother of 2 boys and we have what we need but not much.
I try to buy the healthiest that we can afford but so much unhealthy choices are in stores for so much less.
Any tips would be great. I do buy in bulk when things are on sale and starting to batch cook and freeze. TIA

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