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9/11/13 2:42 P

Hi Paula,
I was here at the Challenge site just exploring and saw your post. I am new and I love this website. I think I have finally found a place in the health and fitness world where I fit. Too bad I had to reach the end of my life to find it (I'm 68). I like the idea of setting monthly goals and then breaking them into small chunks. So far, I've lost about 7 pounds in just over two weeks. About half of that was in the week before I found SP, but no matter. I also decided to donate a pound of food to our local food bank for every pound lost. I know that people going hungry in this country is about as big a problem as obesity, so I thought this will benefit me as well as others. My goal is 25 pounds of food for Christmas. That's 14 weeks from now. I'll add the 7 pounds I already lost to the bargain. What do you think. Alyssa

PS: Irving is the cat from... he lets me use his name for literary purposes


BILL60 Posts: 945,037
6/1/13 8:14 A

Welcome to SP and the very best to you on your journey.

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5/31/13 8:12 P


5/31/13 8:21 A

welcome Charity. I am new to spark people also have been here for 3 days. also working on my lifestyle changes.

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5/31/13 7:41 A

Hello and Welcome to Sparks!

Although each person has different goals, you're in great company here. The amount of support and community at Sparks is unlike any other website. (Trust me, I've tried them all!) emoticon

If there is any way that I can help you along your journey, just let me know! I'm always here for friends in need.

Irish smiles,

LUVS2BIKE101 SparkPoints: (206,631)
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5/31/13 6:58 A

By joining SP you made the first step on your journey to better health! This is not a diet. It is a change in lifestyle!
Tracking your nutrition and exercise/activities on the "my Nutrition" and "myFitiness" trackers is key to success. Familiarize yourself with it and use it daily. Also, get active! Join a SparkPeople team of your interest for great challenges to get you started. There is a team for everyone, no matter how much we weigh or what our physical abilities are. Team members offer an abundance of support, encouragement, and advice. I invite you to visit my SparkPage. I'm confident you will succeed in reaching your goals!

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5/31/13 1:23 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon WELCOME TO SPARK!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
Congrats on taking the first step into changing your life to a more healthier one by joining the site. Spark is filled with amazing people that will motivate, support and encourage you on your journey. There is so much to learn and discover here, take this one day at a time. A couple of things I would like to suggestion to make you Spark experience a great one.

1. Make goals for yourself. Each month I make a list of what I want to accomplish that month and break them down to smaller goals to work with week by week. This way the BIG picture doesn't seem so big.

2. Join Spark teams. There are tons of teams here and you will be able to find ones that fit to what you like or want in a team.

The key to success here is to be active and you've already started by joining. You will find that everyone is willing to help you out if you need it. Spark friends are here for support, motivation and encouragement. Good luck on your journey to a healthier lifestyle! Again, welcome to the SP family!
*~ Paula *~
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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5/30/13 8:38 P

I have to admit I am super excited and super apprehensive about joining SparkPeople. My adult life has been a series of diet triumphs and failures. This time I am going for a health triumph that leads to a long-term lifestyle. I am looking forward to meeting people who have done this and who are doing this and learning as I go. My biggest hurdle right now is navigating the website. For instance, how do I remove photos from my SparkPage? I have some repeats, but I cannot seem to delete them. Also, how much time do people spend on the website on a daily basis?

Again, I am looking forward to this journey and making SparkPeople an important part of it.

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