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1/29/14 5:41 P

Thank you for pointing out the calendar--very helpful and I did not know it was there!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,575
1/29/14 10:14 A

I'm sorry, as far as I know this has not been fixed.

Coach Jen

MMGHOB Posts: 6
1/29/14 10:03 A

Any updates on this?

MMGHOB Posts: 6
8/24/13 11:37 A

Thanks, please let me know when they do!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,575
6/4/13 7:06 A

Hi Mike

It will probably be a while before our Tech folks get a chance to look into this. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you.

Coach Jen

MMGHOB Posts: 6
6/4/13 7:03 A

Howdy coach Jenn,

I'm wondering if there have been any updates on this. Is there an expected time it will be fixed by any chance? (I'm thinking of turning sparkpeople into my workout scheduler)



MMGHOB Posts: 6
5/23/13 8:01 A

Thanks to all for the help, and thanks Coach Jen! Much appreciated, and I'll check back periodically to see when fixed.

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,575
5/23/13 6:49 A

It looks like this is a bug. Our Tech folks have put it on the list of fixes to make.

Sorry about that!

Coach Jen

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,575
5/22/13 7:03 P

I've asked our Tech folks about this, so I'll let you know what they have to say.

Coach Jen

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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5/22/13 6:35 P

SP changed the interface for the trackers not too long ago and I think one of the features that they might have missed is the ability to set which days you want to do which workouts. Try posting the same question on the technical forum and see what they say

MMGHOB Posts: 6
5/22/13 5:41 P

Yep, I've been to
2_edit.asp if that's the same link we're talking about, and can't seem to set the specific weekdays there...

I've changed the number of days to work out to 7 for both in an attempt to see a difference... to no avail. Sad day.

Am I just missing it on that page, or is there a different on?

SCCRSTTR2 Posts: 19
5/22/13 5:31 P

Go to fitness settings in your fitness tracker and you should be able to change it there

MMGHOB Posts: 6
5/22/13 5:15 P

So, going to the following link will take you to your SparkSummary Calendar:
-track-calendar.asp? ... This is a very cool tool, but somewhat hidden on the start page so took me a while to run into. I notice that it has symbols on MWF for tracking strength and cardio workouts... so my question is this:

How do I change the days that it expects me to track weights or cardio workouts on??

This would be very useful for me, as I might want to alternate the two. Or even work out with weights Monday - Thurs. I've been to "
s2_edit.asp" in an attempt to change the days there, but didn't see them. Somewhere else?

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