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4/13/11 12:58 P

Interesting, I guess it just depends on your crowd. You will know best.

4/6/11 1:56 P

We're going to have dancing but we're also bringing our Wii to play Beatles Rock Band (for my fiance) and I'm bringing Just Dance (1 & 2) and maybe someone will finally play with me! It's gonna be fun :)

4/6/11 12:01 P

Well, I guess if you're not WII-ing, you're watching (or laughing) or visiting.

The crowd will be mostly middle aged. I'm 54! My Mom is 76 and got a WII for Christmas and they "bowl" all the time.

I'm open to more ideas. Great thought about a jazz band.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,392
4/4/11 1:27 P

My daughter and her husband don't dance. Ever.

For their reception, they opted for a live jazz band. They played the coolest tunes through dinner and the mingling, but nothing really danceable.
They were cheaper than a DJ, which was a bonus!

Are all your guests young and into gaming?
What will you have for those who don't/can't Wii?

4/4/11 1:13 P

We're planning a Civil Union for the fall, but my partner can't dance and really doesn't want to be in the spotlight with her non-dance skills. So we've decided to put up a couple of WII stations and play Just Dance games. We'll probably also have another one set up for bowling and such to include those who won't dance to the WII. Anybody ever hear of such a thing at a wedding?

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