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1/23/12 1:00 P

Ya know, I simply do not know the answer to your question. But I thought I would suggest that you re-post this question to the Site/Technical Help Board as one of the Team Leaders might be able to help you with this. I am curious, though (not like it's any of my business), what condition you have that your doctor is limiting your carbs so severely! Is it just fruit or is it fibrous carbs, too?

1/23/12 12:49 P

I've looked every where I can think of, but there is so much information and results that I can't find what I'm looking for.

My doctor wants me to change my nutritional and fitness lifestyle. One of the key things I need to change is that I can not consume more than 130 carbohydrates per day. I can only have one serving of fruit per day (berries, small apples, plums), and can not have a piece of citrus fruit more than once per week.

Is there any place on my account where I can change/add those? There are no carbs on the "Change My Nutrition Goals" area. When I try to add "Carbs" with 130 being the maximum, then I get a duplicate weekly/daily progress of carbohydrates.

Please help!

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