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11/12/12 9:40 A

Have you heard of the Brewer Diet? I learned about it in my Bradley Method class and followed it with my second pregnancy. It is meant to give a pregnant woman enough to gain healthfully and help limit the risk of high blood pressure and I think diabetes durning pregnancy. If you google Brewer Pregnancy diet checklist you can print a weekly sheet and check off your servings as you go.
It could, of course, be just differences in first and second pregnancy, but with my first I had high blood pressure, swelling (20 pounds of water weight!), and got a tremendous amount of stretch marks. With my second I followed this diet and had none of those issues.

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11/12/12 7:53 A

Learn about nutrition...maybe one particular food per day(which will be good for you and also for your children as if you give them the knowledge of why certain foods are good for you while they are young they will always make more healthier choices) to your gyne about foods that are healthiest for your unborn to make certain you are getting enough vitamins and minerals in your daily diet while pregnant. A balanced variety of foods is important

Avoid foods high in mercury..Seafood is great source of protein, and the omega-3 fatty acids helps brain development usually 2 fish meals of low mercury fish is acceptable. Dont eat susahi or any raw fish.

Avocado are especially good for baby and you...eggs...broccolli...carrots...oatmeal
...spinach... Plain Yougurt with berries, Sweet Potatoes, lentils soup, veggie soups homemade

Acorn Squash has potassium, omega 3's, vitamins A & C, and B complex.

Stop obsessing about weight will lose it especially when you'll have 2 kids to take care of.....

Remember a well balanced meal is important..ask the Doctor

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11/12/12 2:59 A

While a person is pregnant there are some foods that are best left alone. You really should be discussing this with your qualified health practitioner.


11/11/12 12:46 P

Are you exercising? I found that I was able to do prenatal workout videos until about 7-8 months, and I did prenatal yoga through my 9th month. I also did some light weight lifting (upper body only, while sitting on a yoga ball) and tried to take slow walks around the office or neighborhood.

For eating, it helped me to think of the baby eating everything I was eating (obviously it's not quite like that biologically, but it was a good mental exercise). So if I had a choice between say an apple or a candy bar, I'd think "which one is better for my baby" or "if my child was asking for this, which would I give to him/her?".

If you've only gained 3-4 pounds and you're in your 5th month, then you're probably doing something right. For me, a lot of the weight came on in the last 2 months, but most of that was baby weight and swelling and when I left the hospital I was lower than when I got pregnant. Unless your doctor tells you it's safe to lose weight, I'd just focus on healthy eating and sticking with an exercise routine (as best as possible). You know those first few months with the baby are going to be stressful, but if you start building good habits now, they'll be second nature come spring.

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11/11/12 12:37 P

keep in mind that a baby's tastes are developed while in utero. So by eating crap, you're setting up your child's tastes later in life.

I found that VERY motivating when pregnant.

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11/11/12 11:48 A

All that I'm asking is for ideas on how to eat healthier, pregnant or not. Most people on here that post are female so I would assume several have had kids before and know what I mean.

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11/11/12 11:00 A


SparkPeople's program is not designed for members who are pregnant which is why we refer our members to the site. Your calorie and nutrient needs vary greatly compared to those looking to lose/maintain their weight. It is really outside the scope of advice for our members/experts here at SparkPeople to offer more than eating a healthy diet. It is best to discuss your weight concerns with your OB/GYN to determine the appropriate weight gain for you and your baby.

Coach Nancy

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11/11/12 10:54 A

First of all sparkers, I know about sparkbabyfit site and other sites, but this is the easiest to navigate and the only one I want to use.

I am slowly eating more fruits and veggies, sometimes I have an off day. I don't know if I'm doing well or not because i'm about 5 months pregnant and the weight is starting to show up on this pregnancy. So far, I think I've only gained 3-4 pounds. I know pop is a bad habit when you've done it most of your life, it's hard to stop. But with a 2 year old also, I've been trying t ocook more healthy,and eat better.

Any tips or ideas for me to try while I'm pregnant would greatly help. With my first daughter, when I had her, i lost all the pregnancy weight, but I also need to lose additional weight this time after. And I'd like to get in a good habit before the next one is born early April. Holidays are coming up as well, so might be tough.

Please give your advice.

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