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Changing Exercise Program - advice, please!

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Posts: 13,906
4/23/13 8:09 A

I agree with Justeat. Substituting out some cardio and in some ST will probably leave your overall needs pretty much the same. And you need sufficient carbs and protein to really get the most out of any ST program.


Posts: 999
4/23/13 8:01 A

I would keep your calorie intake the same to start because while cardio burns more calories while you are performing it, muscle burns more calories all the time. You should be putting on muscle and burning more calories if you are lifting heavy.

Take some measurements now and remeasure every month because you might even put on a little muscle weight and that's okay. It's more important how your clothes fit and those measurements.

If you start gaining fat, which at that calorie intake and workout regime would be hard to do unless your diet isn't great, then you could cut back on calories. It would make much more sense however to look over you diet and clean it up to acheieve the results you are looking for. emoticon

Posts: 587
4/23/13 7:46 A

Since November or so, I have been doing Turbo Fire which is a high intensity cardio kickboxing program that incorporate HIIT a 2x per week (at this stage of the program). I'm coming up to week 20 in a few weeks, which is the end of the program. In June, I'm starting Chalene Extreme which focuses more on strength training 3x per week and cardio 2x per week. If it helps, I still have a bunch of weight to lose. Turbo Fire has helped me dropped 6 lbs but lost quite a few inches overall and actually can see obliques which I never have been able to do before.

I am wondering how to adjust my calorie goals in SP to account for the less cardio and more strength training. Right now, my goal is 1680-1880 calories per day to eat with a calorie burn goal of 2200 calories per week. I am trying to lose 1-1.5 lbs per week.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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