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8/16/14 11:23 A

Also after 3 years of hard work I was days away from being drafted to a higher level derby team, when I took two very hard hits to my shoulder that broke my collar bone and tore the labrum. Since then, I have been lifting very heavy for my upper body and I am MUCH stronger. I should be better able to take those hits now and I will not quit until I get to play on that team in front of 800 screaming fans! I'm addicted to the adrenaline rush!

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8/16/14 11:02 A

I changed my diet to get to a leaner 118 from 125. I like a more shredded look and want to decrease my body fat to 18-20% (from 22%). The additional carbs are "muscle-sparing" as I am also a distance runner who runs anywhere from 25-35 miles a week. My derby practices run for 2 hours (2-4 days a week) and we skate the entire time. If I don't increase my carbs, I will burn the muscle I am working so hard to gain. Injuries in roller derby are less likely if you stay strong. I aim for 100 grams of protein a day. In the past, I kept my carbs at 30-45 grams a day but I have added 1-2 servings of fruit, a half of a sweet potato or 1/2 cup of quinoa per day and a slice or two of low-carb bread or wrap. I used to eat a couple of serving of cheese and a couple of tsp. of butter a day but I have eliminated those. So the fat I am getting now is mostly from the meat I am eating and maybe a serving of nuts. The diet I am following is used by several female bodybuilders on I am also a certified personal trainer but I am new to this and very new to bodybuilding.

8/14/14 10:59 P

I'm confused why you are leaving behind a diet that has been working for you, as you say for several years to try a "bodybuilder type diet"? Why do you need more carbs to build muscle? If you are eating a moderate amount of protein that's all you need to build lean muscle.

Building more defined or bigger, stronger muscles is about strength training. Lift heavy to failure 1-2x week. Lower carbs will help you see the muscle definition better where as with higher carbs the muscles hold more water making them appear slightly bigger or bloated (it will make the scale slightly heavier too).

I hate to say this but if you are worried about injuries then maybe roller derby isn't the right sport for you. Horrible to say I know because I love soccer and there are a lot of injuries in soccer as well. Injuries are something we just have to live with if we're not willing to give up our kick ass, full contact sports :)

I may be a bit biased about diet as I love me some fat emoticon

8/14/14 8:57 P

Glad to receive your post.
Words like high, moderate, low really do not tell us anything about the type of foods you are eating or the amounts of nutrients you are getting. So right now it is really impossible to comment or give suggestions.

I assume you are wanting to maintain your weight?
What is your daily weight maintenance calorie range?
How many grams of carb and protein are you getting on most days?

If you make your SP Nutrition Tracker public, we can give more helpful suggestions on amounts. Let me know if you need the steps to do this.
Your SP Registered Dietitian

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8/14/14 5:18 P

Why don't you talk to spark coaches and see what they recommend or any of the dietitians. you do not went to take chances with your health. Good luck and be healthy.

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8/14/14 2:30 P

I started bodybuilding to (hopefully) prevent more injuries on the roller derby track. I'm small (and old) for this sport and take quite a beating out there! I've had a couple of pretty bad injuries but I'd like to keep playing! I changed my diet from low carb, moderate protein, moderate fat (which I maintained for several years) to a bodybuilder-type diet of high protein, moderate carbs, low fat. First, I'm having trouble making myself believe that all those carbs are OK (and I'm still not sure that they are since I am 48). Secondly, I miss cheese and butter and genuinely flavorful foods! I'm loving my bigger muscles but staying committed to this diet is REALLY hard! Any advice or words of encouragement?!

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