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1/28/13 6:28 A

I was thinking of starting it when I go home in feb (its this or the gym membership).
The pro I figured this had was that I had schedules and someone else keeping time for me (plus its supposed to be a fusion of weights and cardio, right?). I'm a bit worried that if I just go to the gym I'll half-ass things or do things wrong, etc.
Not quite sure I want to splurge on a PT -_-; heard those can run quite a bill over a while... specially since SoCal is so gung-ho on gyms in general, I figure they inflate their price accordingly T_T;

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1/27/13 8:31 P

Good for Barbie. She lifts heavy.

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1/27/13 8:17 P

Yes.. Bowflex adjustable weights that go up to 90 lbs...i.e Barbie weights..

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1/27/13 7:48 P


I've done two rounds of CLX and enjoyed them both.
I didn't lose much weight but did lose inches.

I highly recommend CLX, Chalene is very motivating.
It's all about lifting heavy.

Check out the Chalean Extreme SparkTeam.

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1/27/13 7:36 P

Thanks for the input. I was actually given the program, so I didn't pay anything for it :) I have heard it is intense, but that's what I need!
Starting tomorrow and hoping I stick with it!!

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1/27/13 5:35 P

Uh, no, everyone is NOT using Barbie weights. They are using Bowflex adjustable weights that go up to 90 lbs. The first month involves compound exercises, the second single exercises, and I think the third is also compound exercises. Chalene focuses on form, low reps, and multiple exercises for each target area. I'm pretty sure "extreme" was used because it rhymes. It is a solid program that includes warm-ups, stretching and cardio. My only comment would be that it could use some more cardio, actually. I plan on doing a hybrid with TurboFire.

I see nothing wrong in paying for a program if that's what it takes to motivate you. I like that the Beachbody programs come with schedules. I will grant that they are kind of expensive.

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1/27/13 11:04 A

I'm always leary of anything with extreme in the title...probably just hype

BOB240 SparkPoints: (6,131)
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1/27/13 7:49 A

Unlikely to be successful for building lean muscle. Advertising talks about burning fat off abs...Say no more

Everyone on the images are using Barbie weights.

And it costs money...:(

I haven't used it but the following routine is free and based on good, well researched ideas

Don't buy thge supplements just eat well.

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1/27/13 7:37 A

I have already reached my weightloss goal (gone from 175lbs to 135lbs in the last 8 months!!), but now I need to strength train to build muscle and tighten up my body. I am going to start the ChaLean Extreme program tomorrow. I am just wondering what others thought of it and what kind of results you had while using it?

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