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6/24/11 10:53 P

Thanks for the info. My brother died of an aneurism in 2008 at 54 years old. My aunt had a cerebral & my cousin had an abdominal aneurism. My brother's was an aortic aneurism which threw a blood clot to the brain 7 he had a few strokes & he died from the strokes. It was very sad .

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6/23/11 7:26 P

No, I'm in SW Missouri. I will check out the foundation this weekend. Have a great weekend!

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6/23/11 1:30 P

PS Are you in Phoenix? If so, what part? We have a very good group here.

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6/23/11 1:26 P

No problem re sending it on. Glad to do it. I understand about not having insurance--I didn't and couldn't get it until medicare kicked in. Thank goodness for medicare!
I would suggest that you try to find a Joe Niekro Foundation group anyway. They can help.

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6/22/11 2:47 P

Thanks for the info! I'm going to check out the foundation. If I had insurance I would be seeing about being checked, but I don't. I have had several family members who have had aneurysms and learned that it can be hereditary. It is so kind to pass this type of info along. Blessings.

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6/22/11 1:51 P

I have had a cerebral aneurysm. The facts are that over 2% of the entire population of the USA have them, but most don't know it until it is too late. If you have one or anyone in your family has had one, almost all insurance companies will pay to have your family scanned. This is a thing that can be corrected if you catch it quickly enough.

If you are interested in this, please contact the This was started by Joe Niekro's daughter, Natalie, after her baseball-playing father died suddenly. It is a group of people who've had an aneurysm, their friends, and their families. We will answer questions or be there for you when you need it. If you want to contact me, try Thanks for "listening".

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