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8/1/13 3:12 P

Thank you all. Your comments are helpful.

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8/1/13 2:24 P

If you notice your legs being larger than they were before, you could just be experiencing some bloating. Do you have varicose veins ? I have veins. I've had them for years even though I'm considered very active. Some times, when I sit for too long, my legs swell up. this is temporary. It always goes away overnight. my legs don't swell every day, more like once in a while.

Well, that swelling can be noticeable. Some days, it can be almost an inch or more difference in the circumference of my calves !! Many women might freak out if that happened to them. They might wonder why are their legs so fat ? They aren't fat. it's just some bloating.

What you may be moticing something similar. You may be experiencing some bloating due to water retention and it's making it seem as if your legs are fatter. they aren't. it's a temporary condition which should pass.

If you have a pacemaker, I'm guessing you may also be taking some medications. Is that correct ? If so, many medications have water retention as a side effect. Unless you've been eating too much, drinking more water will not increase cellulite. Cellulite is nothing more than fat. In order to increase fat, you need to eat more than you burn off. So, if your diet hasn't changed, you're not gaining fat.

I suspect you may just be a bit bloated.

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8/1/13 9:17 A

Are you just looking at your muscle tone or are you comparing inches before and after?
How do your clothes fit?
Is it possible that what you are looking at is the result of less activity and muscle decline?

Maybe you need to discuss exercise activity with your physician,
Perhaps some leg squats and leg strength training exercises

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8/1/13 9:12 A

i don't think so. R U writing down everything u eat? that might be a clue

8/1/13 9:10 A

No, I think water helps to prevent the ugly C!

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8/1/13 8:31 A

Hmmm, strange. I've never heard of too much water causing cellulite, but what do I know? emoticon

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8/1/13 7:49 A

No but check the articles and the videos section of spark.....they can usually answer any questions or do a web search. My answer is No as I find lack of muscle shows more cellulite.

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8/1/13 7:43 A

Is it possible to increase cellulite from drinking a lot of water? I have increased my exercises, water intake and decreased fat intake, but I noticed since I got a pacemaker I seemed to have increased the cellulite on my legs. I talked to my dr but he wasn't positive in his answer.

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