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6/17/13 10:33 A

Good luck! Summer weekends are hard for me too. I always ask myself two things: How much do I want it? How (socially) easy is it to say no? For example, at a summer bbq with a spread of snacks outside, it's not conspicuous or potentially rude to just snack on celery and carrots or nothing at all, and you have the option to go play cornhole or volleyball. At a sit down dinner party, it's a lot more socially difficult (because everyone is sitting there eating, and you're sitting there empty handed) to turn down the hostess's trademark raspberry cheesecake for dessert- and that's when portion control (sharing a piece, asking for a tiny piece, etc.) can be very helpful.

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6/17/13 10:17 A

I agree, it is all about portion control. It can be done, but it is not easy!
Good luck!

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6/17/13 7:36 A

Practice portion control on all meals and when there is a birthday celebration, give up the fattening cake and bring your own. Today on SP is an awesome recipe for individual cheesecakes. Check it out!

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6/17/13 6:38 A

Every choice you make has an impact.
It's up to you to decide which type of impact you wish to make - either on others or to yourself.

Meaning - there are always healthy choices, if you plan for them.
If you wish to eat what others have provided; then that's your choice too.

Best wishes on choosing healthy options

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6/17/13 3:37 A

emoticon Yesterday was Father's Day and I was responsible for dessert; could I take a healthy dessert? Well I could have, but oh no I had to think of what my father (who is 93 years old) reall ice cream cake with pistachio ice cream. Could I have served every one else and not had any? Of course! Did I? Of course not! And there was the garlic bread, and a salad which was delicious but I had no idea what was in it. Luckily there was Taco Salad on the SP data base. Saturday was celebrating my birthday; Sunday was Father's Day, and then for next 3 months there are birthday parties. OMG! I have to get through the next celebrations by following the plan. Wish me well, please! B-

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