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many years ago on this day, I was talking to God in heaven. I was a baby angel and He told me he had a very special mission for me. I am sending you down to earth. He further told me that he had a very special couple in mind that would take care of me. He told me that a few years earlier this couple became the guardians of one of his other angels and they did a good job so he wanted to bless them again.
he told me that i would call this special couple Mommy and Daddy and they would take care of me and teach me to fend for myself when the time was right. he sent me to an absolutely amazing Mommy, a wonderful Daddy, a special big sister, the most wonderful grandparents ever and a super aunt (who taught me to be one too) and a little brother 4 years later.
So not only do i celebrate this day for the obvious reasons, but more for the special gifts that God gave me. He could have given me to parents who didn't care, but he gave me to ones who love me. One loves me from heaven and one loves me from Earth. So thank you God for a wonderful life. Together with my family, we will make it even more wonderful until i can be with you again.

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