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5/22/14 1:57 P

I have 2 cats, although the litterbox is in the basement, litter was still scattered in the other rooms as it attached to their paws in between the pads..I solved this by placing the litterbox in a large shallow boot pan with a large course texture welcome mat in it. Cats get out of the litterbox, walk across the course welcome mat removing littter debri from their paws.

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5/22/14 1:10 P

There are some great suggestions on here, and I greatly appreciate them. Thanks to all that have offered a remedy for this situation.

The litter boxes are not exactly in the kitchen, they are in the dinning area. It is a long kitchen /dinning room. I do not use the dining area, so that's where the litter boxes have to go. There is really no other place in the house for them.

I have discovered that "Spic N' Span" has worked the best on the floor, so far. And, I have tried a lot of products.

I did change brands of litter and that seems to help some with the litter dust. I also bought a different kind of covered litter box. Just had to get the cats used to it. LOL.

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5/22/14 4:39 A

I have 9 cats, all of whom are banned from the kitchen for various reasons. But if your situation is such that they can't be kept out, you might be able to revive the shine on your floor with white vinegar (then wash that smell away with regular floor cleaner).

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5/22/14 2:43 A

Depends what kind of floor you have. If it's wood, you can see if it can be sanded and refinished. I'd make sure the litter box was no where near the kitchen! When you have animals you have to expect more wear & tear.

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5/22/14 12:30 A


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5/21/14 3:40 P

I have 4 cats, 2 rabbits 1 guinea pig and 7 litter boxes. I buy the pine shavings from the farm supply store. You get a 40-50 pound bag for $5-6 dollars. Just make sure you are buying the small texture of shavings. They are absorbent, and they fight odors. They will still track it around, but I believe it's less abrasive than the clay litter.

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5/13/14 12:49 A

If you have a Tile flooring sweep or vacuum the floor and then mop it with warm water. Use boiling water and two teabags to clean hardwood floors. The tannic acid in tea creates a beautiful shine for hardwood floors. For vinyl flooring mix borax in a bucket of warm water and wash the floor. For more tips read here

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4/10/14 11:34 A

you might also try putting a small rug under the liter box. be sure to have at least 18 inches in front where the cat steps out. I give it a little shake toward the box every morning so the cat doesn't knock the liter out onto the floor. every few days I take it outside for a shake. It doesn't catch all the liter but it does catch a good deal of it. I use old bath rugs or something with a high pile.

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4/10/14 8:41 A

Thanks again for the helpful comments.

I do not have a cellar or back porch.

I am not physically able to fill the containers outside and bring them back in.

As for the ottoman, good idea, but no room. Because of physical pain and not being able to go to the store on a regular basis, I keep at least 4 to 6 bags of litter at all times. That way, when I am not able to get out and about, I won't run out of litter so quickly.

By the way, I did mop my kitchen with "Spick N Span" recently. It does look a lot better. I would love to have a coat of wax on it, but I don't want to end up laying on the floor from it being so slippery. Then I would be in one of those commercials, "I've fallen and I can't get up." emoticon

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3/29/14 5:00 P

option one: buy a different brand of litter. there's not a lot of no dust, but there are plenty that have less dust. if your brand is that bad there may be something as good in the other categories that is less dusty.
option two: transfer the bags to the container in the driveway so it's not in your house at all.
option three: don't transfer the bags to separate storage containers. use a scoop to transfer the litter from the bag to the box. and if you find the bag unsightly, then cover it up. i have a great little ottoman [? trunk?] from target that i got when they were clearing out patio furniture. it's got a colorful top cushion [the cats love to sleep on it] and you open it up and can toss whatever you want inside. a steamer trunk might work or any decorative box that goes with how the rest of your kitchen looks.

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3/28/14 11:53 P

what about doing the transfer into the containers outside then bring them in? Do you have a basement to have the cats go down cellar instead of the kitchen or even the back porch they would learn to meow & go to the door if they need to go, on the other hand if you have to go out then what ??? MMM if you have the basement you can leave the door open a crack!!!
take care I miss my beloved emoticon Brandy & that has been over 40 years no doubt

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3/28/14 6:30 P

ha ha ha ha...I'm so glad you clarified it for us :)

MISSPEACHES3 Posts: 1,497
3/27/14 9:12 A

First, thanks to everyone that responded to my post. I appreciate all of the input.

I did fail to mention some things: The flying litter dust is not from the cats. Their scratching is minimal, and covered. All of the dust comes from when I bring home the litter and transfer it from the paper bags it comes in, to plastic containers I use for storage. Located in my kitchen.
I usually have a mask on my face to block the dust when I am transfering.

I used to have the litter boxes in a back bedroom, that had the same linoleum as my kitchen. That room never had a dusty floor from the boxes.

That bedroom is now my T.V. room. emoticon

Also, my bathroom is so small, that if two people were in there together, I would be cited for over crowding. LOL. So, no room for litter boxes in there.

Anyway, that said, I will be working on this problem. Again, thanks for the input.
Blessings to all.

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3/25/14 12:02 A

Sometimes space limitations require that things be where they fit, not where you want them!

As head staff to 6 kitties (long story, only 2 are mine...) I have multiple covered boxes and I use large "dorm" rugs under them to contain the litter. Dorm rugs are cheap, colorful rugs sold at your local stores usually in the fall as kids are moving into the dorm. They trap the litter pretty well and take a lot of abuse.

Have you tried using a commercial floor cleaner made for your type of floors? One might help remove the dust and restore the shine.

I'm saving to replace all of my laminate and carpets replaced with some type of tile that can take the abuse of multiple foster animals. Hubby and I have fostered over 50 dogs and cats in the last 3 years and have decided that we enjoy the fur babies enough that it's worth it to change the floors.

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3/24/14 11:51 P

Sometimes you have pets and you lose the battle. I really don't have many places to put the litter boxes for my cats, so they're in the dining room and kitchen (my last choices, but the bathroom is too small and there's no space in my office). I use a silica gel litter which minimizes dust and tracking and have the yoga mat type litter mats underneath them. I have one cat that hates covered litter boxes - and if you listen to cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, you shouldn't use them anyway. There is a litter box that has a hole in the top so cats jump in and out of it and they don't have the option or tossing litter out of the box.

I use a steam mop for "deep" cleaning and I've always used vinegar or ammonia and water on the floor for mopping, so I second Nirerin's suggestion.

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3/24/14 4:22 P

step one in keeping litter dust off any floor is to get a mat of some sort under the box and far enough around the area so that the cats have to step on it. part two is to avoid the commercially available mats designed to maximize litter containment because your cats will either jump over them [spraying more littler around] or scoop out enough litter to cover them because they don't like the little minimizing texture. i highly recommend a few of the rag rugs that you can get at ikea for 2 or 3 dollars. walmart may have them as well. the downside is that you can't wash them in the machine, but the upside is that your cats will step on them and they're pretty decent at litter containment. you will have to wash them somewhat regularly, so i recommend having a full set underneath and a second full set washed and cleaned. my distant second choice is the litter mat that looks and feels like a yoga mat. but it's harder to clean, you have to clean it 2-3 times as often as a little rug and once it starts to deteriorate you have little bits of foamy plastic all over the place.
step two is to work on the surface of the floor once you have the litter more contained. there are options out there for waxing [most really good waxes have a finisher and sealant in them] and rejuvenating, but make sure you read the labels regarding use around children/pets. i know my wood floor stuff says to keep away until it's fully dry and to be very careful about ingesting it and i have to let it dry and do several wipe downs to get the residue up. vinegar can be a decent cleaning option because it's okay for pets to eat and play in and it shines my linoleum up quite nicely. the downside it that it's a little more acidic than you really want to be using on a finished floor, so over time it will eat away any finish and dull it, and it will do it quicker the stronger you mix the vinegar.

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3/24/14 3:44 P

Your floors will probably look dusty as long as the litter pans are there. You could try to switch to a cat litter that is less dusty, try a covered pan, maybe put a mat under them or relocate the litter pans to another part of the house.
I've read positive things about Precious Cat litter in regards to less dust. I'm sure there are other low dust cat litters.

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3/24/14 3:33 P

Why is the litter box in the kitchen?

I'm sorry, but that's just not right......

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3/24/14 3:30 P

One thing you might consider about the litter box is that many people get boxes that are too small. Standard litter boxes are mostly too small. You can get larger plastic storage boxes for cheap at WalMart, or some dollar stores, that are nearly twice the size of "true" litter boxes. You should only need an inch or two of litter in the box, but plenty of turning and scratching room. It's harder to "scratch out" bits of litter when the walls of the box are higher, too.

You might try a different brand of litter. I used a clumping litter, store brand, that tracked very minimally. I also put a bit of scrap carpet in front of the box to at least try to collect some of the litter/dust from kitties leaving the box.

Sometimes it helps to have more than one box in the house, even with only one cat. With two, it might help to alleviate the problem.

Damp-mopping just in front of the box at least daily might reduce the dust, in lieu of the carpet scrap. Scooping the box more often tends to reduce time spent digging in it (and spewing litter) when they're inside, too.

I don't know what to suggest about the damage already on the floor surface. Maybe the older finishing polishes might work. Some might not be compatible with the newer laminates or vinyls, though. Linoleum was (is) pretty tough stuff! Vinyl... I don't know.

Good luck!

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
3/24/14 8:53 A

I'd move the litter boxes if possible and cover if they'd use it. They might not adapt to that at their ages, but they'd get used to it being moved okay (hopefully). After the boxes are out of the kitchen, it might be easier to clean the floor. Personally, I wouldn't use wax, would just mop several times with water over time and sweep a lot to get rid of residue.

Good luck and I wouldn't worry too much about it. Providing a loving home for pets seems to be more important than having a shiny floor. emoticon

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3/24/14 8:19 A

Another option is to have the litter box covered (
) so that it contains the dust a bit when the cats are using it. I definitely agree about not having the litter box in the kitchen thought.

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3/24/14 4:37 A

The kitchen is the last place I would have a litter box. The dust from that would float thru the air onto the counter top and food, etc., and cat litter has a lot of unsavoury health risks. I have mine (well, the cats' litter box :-) in the toilet instead. It fits right between the wall and the pedestal. I use a mix of methylated spirits and water on the floor and around the toilet regularly.

Where it comes to the lino, you can buy the old fashioned floor wax. Try that. It takes a bit of elbow grease but at least it will leave a shine.

Good luck,

MISSPEACHES3 Posts: 1,497
3/24/14 1:25 A

I have two Cats. 17 year old male and 5 year old female.
I am constantly cleaning and scooping litter boxes.

My kitchen floor looks like a dusty erased black board from all of the litter dust.

Does anyone have any suggestions for cleaning my floor? My flooring is only about 3 years old. It has lost its shine from all of the litter dust.

I called the place where I purchased the linoleum and they said once the shine is gone there is nothing that can be done.

I do not agree. There must be something.
All suggestions appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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