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8/16/11 10:10 P

@Archimedesii, I used to love Ed Hardy and now I cannot hardly look at it. It is because of Jon Goselin.

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8/16/11 9:54 P

wear whatever u like just as long as u are happy

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8/16/11 4:40 P

I personally think you should wear what you want to wear, when you want to wear it!

Having said that, as a man what do you think when you see a 50 year old woman (in reasonably good shape) dressing like she is 20? Short shorts, high heels, tank top, etc? Do you ever say "she should dress closer to her age"?

BLONDIEGRRL Posts: 1,174
8/16/11 4:36 P

I think people should wear whatever feels comfortable on them, as long as it fits well.

I'm 39 and I buy almost all my clothes in the junior department, for two reasons: (1) junior sizes fit me better (most misses sizes are made for women who have a little bit of middle-aged spread, which I have eliminated), and (2) junior clothes are, for the most part, more stylish. Maybe I'm just shopping in the wrong stores.

Now, I don't buy clothing that is really outrageous or revealing. My work wardrobe consists primarily of cargo pants, form-fitting plaid button-down shirts, or form-fitting polo shirts. My workplace is fairly casual: jeans are not allowed, but khakis and polos are OK.

If people don't like the way I dress, then well ... I don't give a hoot what they think. LOL

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8/16/11 4:10 P

I know this is going to sound terrible. but every time I see an Ed Hardy label, it reminds me of Jon Gosselin, Kate's ex. So, if that doesn't put you off wearing Ed Hardy, I don't know what else will. LOL !!! That was said tongue firmly in cheek because she doesn't do anything for me either.

Personally, I do feel you should wear what you feel comfortable wearing.

However, I too was brought up in a generation where you wore age appropriate clothing. It strikes me that people should dress their age because, like others have noted, if they wear younger clothes it's as if they're trying to be something they are not.

I'm all for second childhoods, but you don't want to take it too far.

Putting tongue back into cheek, isn't buying a Harley a good enough cure for a midlife crisis ?

LOL !!!!

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8/16/11 3:41 P

One of my tennis, hunting, and scuba diving friends frequently wore a T shirt with two scuba divers in wet suits in a 69 position, and it said "No Sea Too Rough, No Muff Too Tough". It was perfectly suited for him, and he passed away last year at age 75. Old is only a state of mind.


8/16/11 3:28 P

Impressions - I hope not straying too far off topic. After a neighbor of mine had a quadruple bypass, he spent a lot of time recovering sitting outside in his Superman PJ bottoms. I thought it was endearing. Others might have had other reactions.

I got Tshirts for my husband and son with Tony the Tiger, that say "breakfast" in the retro script. My too-cool son didn't want to wear his, while my hub. likes to wear his when we go out to breakfast. This is a long way from Ed Hardy, I know.

Clothes are individual!

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8/16/11 2:39 P

Where what you feel comfortable in emoticon

GARDENDIVA2 Posts: 612
8/16/11 2:31 P

KJ- I have a few male friends that are similar in build to you and vary in age between 35-50. They all wear the printed T's and cargo shorts and jeans. I think the key is the fit not the brand. They all wear their clothes fitted but not tight. Believe me, you can see the muscles but they do not look like the have just put on small clothes to show them off.

However, as most everyone else has said, wear what you want. You worked very hard to get those muscles.

ALOHACYL Posts: 4,987
8/16/11 11:52 A

In our office, we're allowed to dress pretty casually. I wear nice jeans and a nice top with a shirt over it. I am in my late 50s. I don't want to be told I need to wear stretch pants with matching tops simply because I've left my youth. I wear what I consider is age appropriate for me and the office. I know what would look ridiculous on me, too.

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8/16/11 11:06 A

Personally, I have no room to talk. Right now I am wearing my DD's Kwik-Trip Polar Plunge Teeshirt... I'm 59.

That being said, I don't see what is wrong with wearing a "character" shirt once in awhile. Maybe keep a couple of your favorites for just knocking around with your friends.

I seem to have the opposite problem. My DD says I dress "dowdy" and need to upgrade my look. But when I had those extra lbs., it was hard to feel attractive in anything. I have a closet full of now-too-baggy sweatshirts that hid my pudge and "mom" jeans that DD says are too high-waisted. I have tons of teeshirts that I can now use for nightgowns. As well as an old pair of jean-shorts that my DH wants me to burn...

8/16/11 9:48 A

Having said what I did about taking 20-somethings' approval into account, in my own situation, I have done the opposite of what I advised KJ. I'm in the "too old to care" category now.

For years I never went sleeveless, and I wore capris, rather than shorts above the knee. My excuse for changing is, we lived in upstate NY last year, and enjoyed a cool summer, after 18 hot Texas ones. When circumstances caused us to return to Texas and the heat, I decided then to wear tank tops and shorts. It's much cooler!

I can't tolerate the heat, and one reason for dressing cooler was, I had to wear socks and shoes all the time because of a foot problem. I have now found sandals to hold my orthotics, but it has been hotter than ever. . . before the foot problem, I only wore sandals all summer, and couldn't stand the heat of socks and shoes.

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8/16/11 9:42 A

You know the term "reframing?" It is awesome to be the age you are, and to have done the work you have to have the body you have now. Own your whole situation, including your age, and it's even awesomer. How many men your age look like you do?

Enjoy the Ed Hardy and the TR religion jeans if you're around people who love you. But remember what Rockyroad said - you might be grossing out the 20-somethings. We can not see ourselves the way we look in their eyes. Not to put you in my generation - you're not! But to the young-uns, anybody over 30 - 35, is "up there." The dividing age changes as they move up themselves. emoticon Here's a rainbow for you!

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8/16/11 9:37 A

I think some of the "guidelines" for age-appropriate clothing are a little silly. I remember when I was a little girl hearing my grandmother saying that she was too old to wear jeans. I promised myself that when I was older I would not let myself be that confined.

I don't see anything wrong with the items you are wearing. I think we all have a casual fun side and should be able to express it.

I have fallen into some of the standards of dress in that I don't really wear standard shorts. In the summer I now wear capris or board shorts. I do own a few pair of standard shorts but it's very unlikely that I will wear them.

I think comfort, neatness, fit, and personal expression are key.

8/16/11 9:22 A

Sorry, KJ - I forgot, you did say "casual!"

Now, I think I may be getting your gist - when you were younger, you didn't have the body to wear these things you want to wear now. Now, you have the body to look good in them, but you are older. What's sad is, you missed your window.

I still say, wear what makes you happy - "dressing younger" is living your dream - unfortunately, despite your great physique, others will see you as dressing younger. Is that what your question is about?

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8/16/11 9:20 A

Dress to please yourself and not others, except at times when you want or need to ingratiate yourself with others. Then, you follow conventional, or their, standards, whether or not you like them. Suzieque said it - different ways of dressing for different situations.

Most business requires more conservative dress, and working with the public is dictated by the field you are in. The internet is helpful for what's considered appropriate.

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8/16/11 7:40 A

I am a 52 year old college professor with a Ph.D. but I have what I like to call "multiple" personalities. My husband and I ride motorcyle with friends and we dress "somewhat" like our biker friends, some of the time. For example, I am into "fake" tattoos. I love the ones that look real but I can just wash them off when I'm not in the mood for them any more, or they don't fit with the image I want or need to present on a certain day.

In all honesty, I have a hard time finding jeans that fit me, that are not made for "young" women. I typically wear a junior size 3 or 5, depending on the cut. More mature styles come in "misses" sizes with the smallest size usually being 4. This size is positively huge on me (they are cut different and size 4s are definitely bigger than junior size 5s) and considering that I do have a nice shape for my age, I refuse to wear baggy clothes.

8/16/11 5:49 A

ROCKYROAD89 Posts: 158
8/16/11 3:45 A

I think you should wear whatever makes you feel attractive and comfortable. HOWEVER, i am a 22 year old female and am so grossed out when i see middle aged men who look like theyve hit a midlife crisis and are wearing tight True Religion jeans (the ones with thick white stitching) and tight, blinged out Ed Hardy tees. Thats going overboard! haha. Fitted tees generally look handsome in my opinion, but everyone has their preferences!

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8/15/11 10:54 P

Don't wouldn't associate with negative people, they look at you and not whom you are in the bigger picture is wrong.. My old son is into the Gothic scene, my sons friends think my son is lucky to have a understanding mother.. I was gothic before he was born in the days my autism was really bad lol..

If the girlfriend is cool with it, no problems. What anyone else thinks their problem.. I shaved my head because I am extremely allegic to all products to kill lice- my kids sometimes turn up with lice- from places where parents and adult don't give a damn.. I have cared for kids while their parents tumble around drunk- but I get the label "weirdo" because I am alternative..

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8/15/11 8:58 P

Oh ...that shirt looks OK. You don't look like a loser in that. I was picturing something even tighter with a big picture of a cartoon on it. That shirt looks like it belongs on an adult -- and that you are not also wearing giranimals.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,406
8/15/11 6:39 P

I think that people should be able to wear what they want, within reason.

8/15/11 6:30 P

Walmartians! emoticon

I've wondered about young men's sizes. Can't remember if my son wore them!

The shirt looks very nice.

Muscle shirts, I don't like on anybody, except myself, to sleep in emoticon .

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8/15/11 5:40 P

Well it looks to me as if your right size is medium and especially if you are 5'6" and 195 lbs. My husband wears a large in shirts and he is 5' 10-11 and fluctuates from 205-215. I thought when you said tight shirts you meant skin tight with batman or another character on it and I pictured your belly showing even if it isn't blubber and some underoos sticking out of your too small ......The shirts you purchased look very nice.

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8/15/11 5:08 P


8/15/11 4:54 P

Yes, in this color (grey) and in Navy Blue.

The model on the poster on the wall of the young men's depatment was wearing nearly the same thing and he looked like he was in his 20's.....except he had hair.......and was good looking.....LOL!

oh, and the shirt is a Medium; I'm 5'6" weighing in at 195lbs (my BMI says I should weight 155lbs).

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8/15/11 4:35 P

The shirt looks nice and doesn't seem too small or too young looking. It looks like a shirt all men can wear. Did you buy it? It looks nice and I like the color.

8/15/11 3:44 P

I changed my profile just for this thread. See? I'm trying on a henley style shirt and I have black plaid shorts on but you can't see them. This is a dept store called Kohls and its in the young mens depatrment.

8/15/11 2:06 A

Whew! I didn't see myself in the Walmartians video..........thanks for posting the link, T! :-) As to the original question, I think people who work hard and get/keep their bodies in shape can get away with wearing 'younger' clothing. A too small shirt pulled tight over a beer belly is gross. A snug fitting shirt over muscles it totally different. If you are comfortable, go for it!

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8/15/11 12:47 A

I suppose how you dress will depend on what image you are trying to convey, directly or indirectly to others.

I am all for casual wear. At home I wear a pair of hideous shorts with an old t-shirt. Very comfortable, especially when doing housework and the like. BUT

I would NOT go out shopping dressed like that. Nor would I be caught dead like that at work. (That would definitely be a Career breaker in any professional setting)

Deep down, I know that I am the same hard working, competent person-- the problem is that others will judge me in my job, in no small part, by the way I appear. (Clothing is only one part of appearance.)

_UMAMI_ Posts: 6,864
8/15/11 12:13 A

I have good legs, but even *I* realize that, at my age (mid-forties) I need to dress appropriately. Sure, I'll wear shorts when it's hot, but I don't wear them to the store. (Alas, in the last few years, I have gotten cellutlite. But I'm glad it took this long!)

My husband is in decent shape, at first glance. No, he doesn't work out, but he's thin, is wearing 34 waist pants or so, and wants to be YOUNG. I nixed his Converse high-tops a few years ago (sorry!), but try to keep his clothing "youngish" (he's fifty, but with a thin body, tan and full head of mostly-dark hair).

I think it behooves us aging fashionistas to adopt to our aging bodies and aesthetics, not to adhere to our old standards. Grow up, already!

Edited to add: my dad is in his eighties and is very fit. But I don't want to see all his skin! Please think about how you look with/without clothing. Sometimes more coverage is better, plus you're less likely to get skin cancer! emoticon

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8/14/11 6:15 P

same as everyone else

MYUTMOST4HIM Posts: 11,453
8/14/11 4:54 P

wear whatever is comfortable TO YOU

BURNINGEMBER SparkPoints: (0)
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8/14/11 4:30 P

One generation younger? Not so bad. A 50 year old woman in a schoolgirl skirt with 80's hair that I saw at the local watering hole? Not so attractive to me, but her boyfriend/husband whatever he was seemed to love it. To each their own! I do think, however, that when one dresses significantly "younger" than the norm, be prepared for stares and comments-it comes with the territory. People are judgmental. In a different but somewhat similar vein, I expect the harrassment that comes with wearing my favorite marilyn manson shirt in this small, conservative town that I live in LOL Expecting the judgmental idiocy that I encounter makes it easy to dismiss.

8/14/11 2:49 P

Funny Wal-Martian vid. Thanks TLC!

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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8/14/11 1:18 P

New_Life_4_Me: Yes, I do wonder sometimes about those people (men and women both) who wear clothes that are obviously too tight/small/youthful for the reality of their bodies. What's under what we are seeing? It's probably not pretty.

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TLCOVERT1 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/14/11 12:58 P

Wear what ever you want - within limits.

HELZIE Posts: 509
8/14/11 12:32 P

I think people- of any age- should feel comfortable wearing whatever they want. To be honest, I spent all my teenage years not behaving like I should (!) and not wearing stuff I wanted to, so when I get to goal I will most certainly wear whatever I want.
If you like 'younger' clothes, wear them. It's the confidence that makes the clothes, anyway!

8/14/11 12:09 P


Only you would think that NL4M!

NEW_LIFE_4_ME SparkPoints: (0)
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8/14/11 12:06 P

ONLINEASLLOU- I agree with you 100%. A nice mature man in comfy relaxed clothes tells me he is ready to relax and have some fun MMM! It tells me he is confident in himself as far as age, body and mind. Men who wear too small of clothes is a turn off and my dirty mind says he has a little penis and is wearing little boys underwear, and that is not appealing!

8/14/11 12:04 P

8/14/11 11:59 A

@Calif: That's true in my opinion but there are "others" who'll try to sway one to dress more appropiately according to their standards, especially someone in the family or close friend.

ECASPERS Posts: 1,116
8/14/11 11:57 A

My husband likes to stay with current trends with modification to what he feels comfortable with. I like that he takes pride in how he looks and what he wears. He also watches hair trends but again modifies to what is appropriate for him.

I think it is great!

CALIFGOLFER SparkPoints: (0)
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8/14/11 11:51 A

Come on everyone...... wear what makes YOU feel good - thin, young, sexy, whatever. Hopefully by the time you reach fifty, you are comfortable enough in your own skin to know what works for you. Fashion should be fun!

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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8/14/11 11:49 A

I should add:

If I ever reach my goal weight and have that smaller, fit body I dream of having ... I WILL wear shorter skirts, shorter shorts, and tighter-fitting clothes in general. I'm human, too.

But hopefully, I will have enough self restraint to stay reasonable in my choices -- and NOT try to look like a 20-year old. I hope to be able to find clothes that flatter my body ... but that also project an image that is appropriate for a woman my age ... a look that says "fit and healthy and attractive ...and comfortable with myself" without screaming for sexual attention or looking like I am trying to recapture a youth that ended decades ago.

PEDAL-PUSHER Posts: 6,501
8/14/11 11:38 A

I disagree with the previous poster BUT will defend her right to voice her opinion, as we all have that right. Personally, I think it is all about the 'tude. Really, nobody's opinion matters except your own, and maybe that of your GF. At 65, I certainly don't dress like my Mother did at 65. I wear short shorts and mini-skirts.......I worked hard for these legs and I like to show them off. I wear what I feel comfortable wearing.
I think dressing your age and acting your age are highly over-rated A few years ago, I had the pleasure of seeing the of the first 'rock groups' from the 50's. Three of them were original members, and in their 80's and 90's. When they were on stage, they played with all the energy and enthusiasm they did 60 years ago, and it was a joy to watch the, just having a ball.
Life is to short to concern oneself with the opinions of others. I am on this earth to please ME not some stranger who thinks I should behave (or dress) differently. I think your ATTITUDE says more about you than the clothes you wear. If one acts like a moron, a ball gown or tux will not make them less of a moron, but if you act confident and cofortable, people won't much care about what you wear. Just my humble opinion.

8/14/11 11:25 A

@online: Since your last sentance addressed me I'll answer it: Yes.


ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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8/14/11 11:03 A

This post may draw a few negative comments, but I'll go for it anyway. For for the record ... I am a single woman in my mid-50's ... graduate school education, professional career... not rich, but comfortable.

When I see a man over 35 who is dressing like a 20-year old, it suggests to me that there is something lacking in him. Either he is immature, afraid to grow up, tryng to delay true adulthood, or that he thinks he is the same"young stud" he was at 20. That includes those who wear the tight-fitting clothes trying to show off their buff bodies ... preening like a peacock for all to see.

Like middle-aged women wearing styles designed for much younger women. It's more sad than anything else. I feel sorry for them because they are obviously not comfortable with who they really are.

Most mature, professionally successful men dress like they just came off the golf course, stepped off their boat, or came out of a library -- whether they play golf, have a boat, read books, or not. It's a "non-showy" style ... doesn't scream for attention. Yes, if the man is bicycling, he'll wear bicycle shorts. If he is playing tennis, he will wear tennis clothes. etc. But he does not choose his clothes to scream for attention, advertise a product, or proclaim his admiration for a comic book super hero.

His actions, his character, and his achievements speak for themselves. He may have a great body ... but he is more than that. His body is not all he has to offer the world and he doesn't "lead with that." He doesn't choose his clothes to make a sex object of himself.

It's kind'a like the stereo-typical difference between "old money" and "new money." New money tends to be more glitzy and showy about it. Old money has the security and confidence to NOT flaunt it. Could it be that your current style preferences are related to the fact that you haven't had a great body to show off in the past?

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DEORWYNN Posts: 150
8/14/11 10:22 A

It's tough because I see a lot of middle aged men wearing polos with khaki shorts/pants but I also see them wearing graphic tees, generally with superheroes on them. I think it all comes down to taste. Apparently, there are fashion "rules" for every age group but I think they are silly.

8/14/11 9:55 A


I'm a 49 year old guy, I have been on my weightloss journey for five years and reached my goal after year one and have been building muscle and managing my weight ever since.

Before my weightloss I wore lots of XXL jerseys and fleece sweatshirts to hide the DUNLAP and overall pugginess. All of my pants/shorts had an elastic band in the waist. My last pair of tennis shoes before my weightloss were velcro because it was too straining to bend over and tie my shoes.

FFWD to present day:
I'm in relatively good shape and lift 3 to 4 days a week. I should wear large shirts but I buy mediums to look bulky and since my stomach is mostly flat and no real love handles to grab the shirts look pretty good on me.

That said, I've recieved a few "snarky" remarks from women my age about my childish clothing style and sizes.

I am a gamer geek and love fantasy/sci-fi genre (always did) and so I still wear Batman logo and Cap't. America t-shirts and I want to tell you that those are the clothing items I get remarks about but they are not. It's the muscle shirts, pull-over henly shirts, polo shirts and how they are form fitting makes me look ridiculous because only young men ought to wear them. My GF (she's 49, too) likes the way I look and is my fashion consultant, lol. She has 2 mid-20something sons and buys for them all the time. She is very aware of today's young men summer styles; plaid shorts, colorful solid or pattern shirts, etc....She thinks since I take care of myself that I ought to look good, too.

I feel good about the clothes I wear and yes I do get looks both approving and not so much but it's really about how I feel about myself when I wear them.

NOTE:This thread is not about me and I am not digging for compliments nor approval. My question is this:

"What is your opinion about FIT (applicable to your standards) middle-aged men or women wearing clothes marketed for one generation younger?"

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