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Walking is a weight-bearing exercise, and calorie burn is pretty much proportionate to the total weight carried. An extra 14 lbs is 6% of 231 lbs. A very rough guide is that you burn 100 calories per mile walked (maybe slightly more than this at 231 lbs). So carrying a backpack and walking 4 miles a day will add just 25-30 calories per day.


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8/21/12 6:45 A

You might burn a little more (assuming you're going the same speed you would have gone without it), but it's not going to be enough to make a difference in your overall weight loss progress. So I'd just consider it a bonus.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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8/21/12 5:57 A

According to this site, other is no to track carrying a backpack. However, it might burn a few extra calories. Just make sure it's not affecting your posture.

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8/21/12 4:04 A

I have started walking home from work as well as walking to my bus stop five days a week. I carry a backpack with my purse and work supplies daily. I have already been given the opinion I shouldn't count this as exercise for various reasons. I have a very active job, I am server in a sports bar on a slow shift I walk between 5,000 and 10,000 steps just at work that is not my day that is just my six to eight hour shift on my feet. but I am wondering if carrying the 14lb backpack makes a difference or not in my calorie burn. I walk just over half a mile to the bus stop and between half a mile home from the bus stop or one and two thirds of mile from work.

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