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DEVINMARIE85 Posts: 14
1/3/13 4:54 P

It is kidney pain, I have horseshoe kidney. I only have one that rest across my back. granted my weight does not help the pressure and as I lose I will hopefully be able to add more strenuous exercises. In the summer water aerobics works great. My doctor's answer is pain medication. Water walking sounds great as does upper body boxing. I used to have a Thai boxing bag and that did raise my heart rate a bit.

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1/3/13 4:35 P

If you have that much pain when exercising, I would really go ask a doctor about what you can do to get you started.

Are you sure that your back pain from exercise is caused by the kidney disease, and isn't musculo-skeletal in nature? Or psychological? I only ask because an awful lot of pain when people start exercising is in our heads because we're upset with the world in general. It *could* be that you need to start easy but make the commitment to really push through, but I don't want to tell you to go suck it up because I'm not a doctor. :)

If you have problems when using your lower body, see if you can find an upper body boxing-style workout. You could also try doing circuit training - those will take basic moves like squats and pushups, and if you're doing them with a good video that doesn't give you rest in between sets, you get an excellent cardio workout - just as good as a run sometimes. Some of those videos are also low impact. Hope any of that is helpful.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/3/13 4:31 P

What does your doctor say? You can try searching hre or Googling for "chair workouts". You could just sit in a chair and do punching jabs, alternating arms, as fast as you can. I know that can get my HR up if I do it enough (I'm usually standing, but it will probably work sitting.)

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
1/3/13 4:16 P

Water walking? Low impact, and it is harder than it looks!

DEVINMARIE85 Posts: 14
1/3/13 3:52 P

I have chronic kidney disease, walking, eliptical, cycling, those hurt after about 5 minutes. Excruciating pain. Does anyone have ideas for cardio that has low stress and impact on the lower back (my kidney sit across the small of my back)?

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