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2/16/13 1:29 A

There's absolutely some strength component, but it's not challenging enough to continue to challenge you long-term. Generally speaking, resistance of that level is good to get you started, but you will very quickly outgrow it as you get stronger and your muscles adapt. You'll soon find that it's inadequate to your needs. ;)

FUTUREMC Posts: 151
2/16/13 12:59 A

Thank you for educating me! I was just dumbfounded as it felt like a huge strength workout compared to what is recommended as "strength" here on spark. Thank you for your posts, it's great to know how to log and do the work properly emoticon

2/15/13 11:38 A

What you are experiencing is the reaction of previously unused muscles and the duration of the exercise period not the type of soreness you would get from a challenging strength training programme. I am not attempting to start a controversy simply sharing with you my knowledge of the research on this type of workout and my years of experience as a personal trainer. The research indicates that combining strength and cardio by alternating them in the same workout reduces the effectiveness of both forms of exercise.

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2/15/13 11:01 A

Im not sure about that - my muscles hurt like crazy after these workouts with the resistance band, I also use weights during the other half of it. Every muscle is sorer everyday that I use it. I feel I get much more strength training out of these videos that the strength videos here on spark. emoticon

2/14/13 8:27 P

By stating that it uses light resistance it is just a slightly beefed up cardio workout. To be a strength workout requires you to use challenging weights with which you can do no more than 10 repetitions. The no bulking up claim is just a marketing gimmick preying on women's unfounded fears of gaining bulk from doing resistance training properly.

Record the workout as cardio and find a dedicated strength training programme to round out your fitness.

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2/14/13 3:24 P

Okay thank you! This video is 50 minutes but I log it as 40 since there is a warm up in the begging for 5 minutes and 5 minute cool down. Its intense, I go through 2 large water bottles during the 50 minutes :)

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2/14/13 2:51 P

I counted a similar exercise DVD as both for a while and then decided to make it Cardio. It's probably both. If you count it as both, make sure the 2 don't add up to more than 50 minutes. Otherwise, you're probably getting credit for too many calories burned.

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2/14/13 2:13 P

I've been doing the Slim in 6 DVD's. I am wondering if they count as both cardio and strength training. I definitely know they are strength and as much as my heart raises while doing it (and sweating like crazy) I was wondering if I can log it as cardio? they are 50 minutes long combining strength and cardio. I dont want to cheat myself to I want to make sure im doing it right. Would love input! emoticon

Here is a link to the program:

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