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01DIVEY Posts: 145
4/15/10 5:47 A

the advice is well appreciated.
i will use the information and suggestions you gave me and revise my workout plan.
Thanks :)

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/14/10 3:20 P

The Sgt Major has spoken well. We do agree on almost all facets of training.

One slight difference is that I wouldn't bother with 7 exercises. :)

Squats, lunges, and deadlifts are great compound leg exercises. I wouldn't do more than one in a session. I might alternate for some variety, but if you tear down your muscles in squatting, there's no need to push further by adding lunges on top.

Additionally, an overhead press can compress the muscle in the top of your shoulder and is a move generally recommended these days to be avoided. There's no need to lift weights above shoulder height.

So I would recommend a bench press or pushup style exercise, a lat pull or row style, and leg work, plus if you feel it necessary some core work and maybe something like lateral raises to finish.

Both the Sgt and I can get you through a complete full body workout in under 30 minutes. So doing split routines we both agree is just a waste of time.

4/14/10 1:57 P

Not sure if you are addressing me but I will take the liberty of responding. First push ups and lunges are compound total body exercises and not isolation exercises. I would add a pull down exercise.lunges and some form of dead lift to your listed four exercises. This will give you a seven exercise programme you can complete in thirty minutes.

There is little or no value in adding small muscle isolation exercises to the programme.

01DIVEY Posts: 145
4/14/10 10:21 A

thanks for the input.
so you would suggest doing a full body workout monday, weds, fri for example, built around compound movements?

bench press
overhead press
bent-over row

and then throw in some smaller isolations like dips, push ups, flyes, lat raises, lunges, that sort or thing to really push the muscle to failure?

LESLIELOSER SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,023)
Posts: 422
4/14/10 10:16 A

I do strength training 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)and cardio 5 days a week. Now, on the weekends, if weather permits, I do some light walking or bicyling outside with the kids. It's not as intense, but I still feel like I'm staying active.

DEEJESS2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,494)
Posts: 488
4/14/10 9:57 A

I do weight training 3 times a week and two (sometimes 3) days a week I will get some cardio in. I think it's important to keep in your target heart rate zone if you are trying to burn fat.

4/14/10 9:04 A

I am not Deb but will chime in anyway. Personaly for fitness I think split routines are in general a waste of training time. You can not segregate muscles even though bodybuildersattempt to do it. For general fitness doing total body and compound exercises is much more effective. Lift thre times a week on alternate days, keep the exercisees to between six and eight for three sets of no more than ten repetitions.

Cardio will add to our overall fitness but there is no real need to do it more than two or three times a week unless you are training for an endurance activity.

In general thirty minute workouts will get you to your goals if the intensity of the work is adaquate enough that you feel worked out not worked over when you finish a workout.

01DIVEY Posts: 145
4/14/10 4:15 A

Correction: Thursdays chest/tri's and legs.

I am currently doing cardio on my off days, just wanted to know would it be detrimental to my progress?
but thatnks for the feedback so far..

Would it be better if i did 'push' and 'pull' days?
monday - push (chest,shoulders,tri's, etc
tuesday - pull - (back, bi's,etc)
wednesday - cardio
thursday - push
friday - pull
would this be more suitable?
what sort of plan do you follow?

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/13/10 3:18 P

Why do you think working each body part only once a week is going to build good strong muscles?

MESHANTHA_89 Posts: 78
4/13/10 2:06 P

CARADAWN Posts: 1,955
4/13/10 1:26 P

I am not an expert but I have heard and experienced that doing cardio in between strength training days (and directly after strength training) helps your muscles heal better. The movement helps get your blood flowing to your sore muscles. If I am sore I always feel better after a run, swim, or time on the elliptical. Also, doing cardio after weight training helps release the lactic acid that has built up in your muscles which will also help your body heal quicker.

-LADY-A- Posts: 105
4/13/10 12:20 P

I alternate Cardio with Strength Training every other day and generally only take Sunday's off completely.

01DIVEY Posts: 145
4/13/10 12:04 P

Hey, i am keen to learn what results people have or any thoughts or opinions people have with doing cardio on "off" days?
basically, my goals are to build quality muscle whilst gaining as little fat as possible (isnt that the goal for 99% of people?)
I work chest/tri's/abs on mondays, back/bi's/abs on wednesdays, legs on thursdays and shoulders/abs on fridays. i work in the 6-8 rep range only with heavy weights, really having to push it on the 7th rep.

On tuesdays and saturdays should i do cardio? or should i completely let my body rest and just ensure i eat correctly? or will the cardio not effect my recovery at all?
the simple question is: will doing cardio on my "off days" negatively effect my body's ability to recover the day after a hard workout?

any suggestions will be greatly appreciated :)

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