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11/30/10 5:08 P

Here's a website that sells fitness DVDs for seated and wheel chair type of exercise.

I hope you find something you like!

FOXMOON Posts: 822
11/30/10 4:12 P

No problem! I have a friend who plays basketball in a wheelchair and I've seen some of the stuff he does to keep fit. :)

He uses resistance bands and dumbells for strength training, but he says he loves the bands a lot because they're so portable and he doesn't have to haul around heavy dumbells on his lap.

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11/30/10 3:53 P

Thanks for the feedback! Right now my arms are too week for those due to my lack of arm strength, but perhaps after I've done my current strength exercises for a few weeks I might be able to give those a try. Right now I can barely get out of my chair and into bed or on and off the toilet. It should get easier as I lose weight and tone what muscles are left.

FOXMOON Posts: 822
11/30/10 3:34 P

Have you tried a rowing machine (with the cables) or looked into getting a handcycle/arm bike? I know some recumbent bikes have hand cranks, too. Or maybe you can do some boxing with a speedbag!

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11/30/10 3:25 P

I have a good number of strength exercises I do in bed or my powerchair, but cardio is a problem. The only effective cardio I've been able to get is with vigorous sex, but I can't get my wife to cooperate three times a week. I have a type muscular dystrophy called Inclusion Body Myocitis, and my quads are very weak, and the others not far behind. Any suggestions?

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