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2/28/11 10:52 A

You could try googling 'chairobics'. It's basically seated exercise programmes. They're mainly designed for over-50s so I assume fairly low-impact, but some of the clips online might give you ideas for things you can do without using you legs. Mind you, I'm sure you can burn a fair few calories zipping around in a wheelchair, once you get to that point!

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2/28/11 10:49 A

Well, if your doctor has given you the all clear to do some cardiovascular exercise, why not start by walking with crutches. Walking with crutches is surprizingly good cardiovascular exercise as well as upper body core and strength work.

Also, you could do chair workout DVDs. If you do a search on amazon, you'll find a selection of chair workouts you could do. And if you have a set of hand weights or resistance bands, you can do upper body strength work while your lower body heals.

Ultimately, you really should start with the suggestions of your doctor. They know the extent of your condition better than we do.

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I broke my leg in two places yesterday at a fire, I know I should probably just rest and take it easy but I don't want to mess up my exercise and workout plan. What can I do for cardio exercises with a broken leg?

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